Executive Committee members Sarah Alger, Don Durant, Bruce Eissner, Ted Everingham, Fred Hagedorn, Stephen Jeffries, Linda Kessler, Dave Rosekrans, John Ross, Mike Schoettle, Pat Seidenspinner, and Larry White were present. Also present were Interim Executive Director William Placke and, at the invitation of the president, Budget Chair Donna Hobbs.

1.       Approval of Minutes.

  • Motion: A motion to approve the August 20, 2001 minutes of the Executive
    Committee, as amended, was seconded and approved.

2.       President’s Remarks. Dave Rosekrans said that he is very pleased to have the National Women’s Sailing Association become part of US SAILING. The NWSA will be making a presentation at the October Annual General Meeting. 

3.       Budget Update. Donna Hobbs discussed an initial budget proposal, focusing on major department line items. Bill Placke noted that the budget projects membership revenue to increase by 4.5% for FY2002 over projected year-end 2001 revenues. This represents a smaller percentage increase than the 6.4% that is currently projected for FY 2001 over the FY 2000 result for membership revenue and is larger than the 3% that had been budgeted for FY 2001. He noted that he feels that 4.5% is realistic, in great part because the Membership Department has added two full-time employees and is now at full staff. Strong revenue is projected for both the Offshore and Training Departments.

      Ms. Hobbs noted that expenses associated with US SAILING’s priority goals have been pulled out of the operating budget. These were discussed separately, and it was determined by the Executive Committee that the following expenditures were essential for the long-term growth of the organization:

  • Motion:  a motion was seconded and approved to spend $13,000 for a loose-leaf binder for the US SAILING directory, to be budgeted in the next fiscal year and amortized over two years.

  • Motion: a motion was seconded and approved to budget $53,000 for accounting software and implementation, $80,000 for computer and database upgrades & enhancements, and $8,000 for a new server.

  • Motion: a motion was seconded and approved to budget $20,000 for a membership year-end update informational letter.

  • Motion: a motion was seconded and approved to budget $24,000 for offshore promotion.

  • Motion: a motion was seconded and approved to budget $13,000 for training of staff and space planning for the office to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Motion: a motion was seconded and approved to budget $30,000 for membership research.

Staff and the Budget Committee will develop options on how to cover this increase of $241,000.

4.      Treasurer’s Report.  Stephen Jeffries reported that preliminary August results represented a loss of approximately $52,000; however, it appears that the organization, based on projected results for the last two months of the year, will end the year with a slight profit. He noted that US SAILING was able to cover all of the expenses resulting from the transition to an interim executive director without a special authorization for additional funds.  Without the additional expense of the ED transition, August would have been a profitable month. It was also noted that no additional borrowing has occurred in this fiscal year, and none is anticipated.

5.       Interim Executive Director’s Report.

5.a.    Membership Report. Bill Placke noted that membership trends continue largely unchanged from the previous month.

6.       Inflatable PFDs. Discussion of this item was deferred.

7.       Sanction for Key West Race Week 2002. 

  • Motion: a motion was seconded and approved to issue a sanction to
    Key West Race Week 2002.

8.       Race Administration Publications.  Pat Seidenspinner discussed a proposal to put Appeals on the US SAILING web site.

  • Motion: a motion was seconded and approved to post appeals on the web site as PDF files and move to an on-demand publishing system.

9.       Executive Session. (Executive Committee members and Executive Director only)

      Article 14 and RRS 69 Issues.     

Adjourn at 9:20 p.m.

Next Executive Committee meeting – Wednesday, October 17, 2001 at 7:00 pm (Eastern standard time)

Respectfully submitted,


Sarah J. Alger