1.       Roll Call. Executive Committee members Sarah Alger, Charley Cook, Don Durant, Bruce Eissner, Ted Everingham, Louise van Voorhis Gleason, Fred Hagedorn, Craig Healy, Stephen Jeffries, Linda Kessler, Dave Rosekrans, John Ross, Mike Schoettle, and Larry White were present. Also present were Executive Director Terry Harper  (who joined the meeting after the discussion of Item 9a) and, at the invitation of the president, Budget Chair Donna Hobbs and board member Vicki Sodaro.

2.       Approval of Minutes.

  • Motion: A motion to approve the May 22, 2001, minutes of the Executive Committee, as amended, was seconded and approved.

3.       Budget Update. Donna Hobbs reported that revenue reports from each department are being reviewed.

4.       Treasurerís Report. No report.

5.      Presidentís Remarks. Dave Rosekrans reported that he is now listed as a competitor with the ISAF Sailorsí Classification list, which is up and running on the Web. He noted that Bruce Eissner has forwarded good news regarding the efforts of the Offshore Departmentís staff.  Bruce commented that the strategic plan for Offshore is progressing well. The public relations money has not been spent yet, as the key messages are still being shaped.  He also noted that US SAILING is running low on the book, Safety Recommendations for Cruising Sailors. Options for reprinting will be explored. Bruce Eissner and the ExCom recognized Dan Nowlan and Jim Teeters for their considerable time and effort on behalf of Offshore.  

6.       Executive Directorís Report. Terry Harper

6.a.   Membership Report.  Membership renewals have been dropping off slightly; the reasons are being assessed. It was agreed that the staff will send the Membership Report to the ExCom members at the end of the week before the meeting.

6.b.   Auditing. The ExCom discussed the fact that it had not solicited bids on its auditing process for a number of years.

  • Motion: a motion was seconded and approved to put the audit out for competitive bid.

7.      Fundraising. The ExCom discussed the possibility of launching a direct mail effort, and agreed that US SAILING is not prepared to move ahead on such an initiative at this time. Fred Hagedorn, chair of the Fundraising RFP working party, reported that the working party is beginning work on a draft Request for Proposal seeking fundraising counsel. Working party members are John Ross, Craig Healy, Bartz Schneider, and (ex oficio) Dave Rosekrans.  

8.      Responsibility for Codes. The ExCom discussed the continuing need to study, interpret and explain the ISAF eligibility, advertising, anti-doping and classification codes for US sailors. Dave Rosekrans will appoint individuals to take responsibility for these topics, reporting to the President.

 9.      AGM

9.a.   Industry Meeting.  Dave Rosekrans said that he is considering holding a meeting before the October Annual General Meeting for the Sailing Industry. The purpose would be to discuss their challenges and concerns and learn what US SAILING can do to support them. The ExCom strongly supported the idea, but noted that interviews of Executive Director candidates also may need to occur during that time. The idea will be taken under further advisement.  

10. Olympic Committee. Fred Hagedorn noted that the USADA has agreed that only those athletes who self-select to be listed as elite athletes in Olympic classes will be subject to in-competition testing. The first competition with in-competition testing has been held, and the event and testing went smoothly. He noted that several Star boats from the US are currently sailing in Kiel, and the Saronikos Gulf competition is coming up in August. The High Performance Plan is being updated so it can be submitted to USOC by the end of the month. 

11.  Unfinished Business.

11.a.Website Collaborative. Mike Schoettle noted that no new information is available on the NGB Website collaborative. Donna Hobbs has completed a financial analysis of the proposal, which will be distributed to the members of the ExCom pending final review. 

11.b.ISAF Visit to the United States. Charley Cook reported that at least two sites have expressed an interest in hosting the ISAF visit to the US in the fall. Requests for expressions of interest have been distributed to all area directors and will be distributed to all the regional sailing associations through CSA and to the board of directors. Responses are due by the end of July. 

 11.c.Inclusion of Paralympics in the Bylaws. Fred Hagedorn reported that the National Governing Bodies vary in their level of interest/ability to get involved in the paralympics. A paralympic corporation is likely to be created with the US Olympic Committee, and each sport will determine its level of involvement. The incorporation of paralympic sailing into US SAILING was further supported, and it was noted that bylaws changes to carry this out are in process.

11.d.Store Rebate Program. Mike Schoettle reported that the staff has determined a process for accounting for the rebates, and a list of clubs to be asked to participate in the pilot program is being developed. Royalties will be paid out of the Marketing budget.  

12.   New Business.  It was noted that Tom Clagett has passed away, and he will be sorely missed. He was a great sailor and supporter of our sport, particularly of womenís youth sailing. His trust endowed US SAILINGís Ida Lewis and Leiter junior women's championship events, and this support will continue in perpetuity. The trust also helps support our championships staff, and recently funded special clinics for young girls who attend the junior womenís championship events.

13. Executive Session. (Executive Committee members and Executive Director only)
      Article 14 and RRS 69 Issues.


Next Executive Committee meeting Ė July 30, 2001, at 8:00 pm (Eastern standard time)

Respectfully submitted,


Sarah J. Alger