1.     Roll Call. Executive Committee members Sarah Alger, Charley Cook, Don Durant, Bruce Eissner, Louise van Voorhis Gleason, Fred Hagedorn, Craig Healy, Linda Kessler, Dave Rosekrans, John Ross, Mike Schoettle, Pat Seidenspinner, Larry White were present. Also present were Executive Director Terry Harper and, at the invitation of the president, board member Greg Fisher.

 2.    Approval of Minutes.

·         Motion: A motion to approve the minutes of the Executive Committee meeting of March 25, 2001, as amended, was seconded and passed.

·         Motion:  A motion to approve the minutes of the Executive Committee meeting of April 22, 2001, as amended, was seconded and passed.

3.     Budget Report. The goal is to begin the budget process in early June with staff and volunteer leaders. 

4.      President’s Remarks.  The president has begun recruiting committee chairs to be named in October. Input is welcome. The “Skipper’s Meeting” on the US SAILING website has been launched. To date, numerous comments have been received. At present, the topic of greatest interest is the prohibition on charging fees for protests. The ExCom reiterated that the right to protest is fundamental to racing, and when a fee to file a protest is allowed, sailors are potentially denied one of their fundamental rights. 

President Rosekrans noted that discussions have been initiated by Susan Epstein, chair of the Women’s Committee, with the Women’s Sailing Association.  They are drafting an alliance to enable them to continue as an independent organization, yet become more closely tied to US SAILING as an affiliate.  President Rosekrans noted that this is an exciting effort that should be good for women’s sailing, for US SAILING, and most importantly, for the sport.  

6.     Treasurer’s Report. At the request of Stephen Jeffries, Terry Harper reported that revenue is below budget as of April. Club membership is down significantly vs. last year, but is increasing. To date, the renewal response is higher than last year. Race Administration revenue is below budget. Expenses also are below budget by about $275,000, partly because the rulebook expense, which was budgeted to fall in April, will actually appear in May. A new supplier for merchandise has been identified and this new line is being placed on the web store.  

7.       Executive Director’s Report.  

7.a.  Membership Report. Membership renewals are still ahead of last year, but the gap is closing.  Although acquisition programs were eliminated from the budget, since expenses for the year are running under budget, some small initiatives have been undertaken, and acquisitions are ahead of last year as a result. 

7.b.  Terry Harper reported on a NGB/USOC Best Practices Seminar he attended. A primary topic of discussion was ideas for collaborating on production of events for television with the goal of producing revenue.  

7.c.  A letter from Miller Sports Cruising World regarding US SAILING’s keelboat memberships was discussed.

·         Motion: a motion was seconded and approved to decline the request.

 8.     2001 Rolex Osprey Cup ISAF Grading Form. Charley Cook presented a 
       request to obtain grading from ISAF for the Rolex Osprey Cup as Grade 1.

·         Motion:  a motion to approve the grading form was seconded and approved.  

9.     ISAF Visit to the US. Charley Cook noted that there is interest in holding the 2004 ISAF mid-year meeting in the United States in early May, and asked if the ExCom would be interested. About 75 delegates plus spouses typically attend the meeting. John Ross and Pat Seidenspinner agreed to explore finding a sailing organization to sponsor this event.

·         Motion: a motion was seconded and approved that USSAILING extend an invitation to ISAF to hold its 2004 mid-year meeting in the US. .

10. Inclusion of Paralympics in the Bylaws.  Fred Hagedorn reported that USOC has pulled back its proposals to include disabled sailing in its bylaws until its next meeting in October 2001. He also noted that the Olympic Sailing Committee and the disabled sailors feel that US SAILING should move forward and incorporate paralympic sailing into US SAILING at this time. 

·        A motion was seconded and approved to draft the appropriate changes in the US SAILING By-laws to incorporate the Paralympics into all references of the Olympic and Pan Am Games in the US SAILING bylaws and to include a representative of sailors with special needs on the Board of Directors. All such changes should be made such that there is no impact on funding for the Olympic or Pan Am programs (including development). 

11. Olympic Sailing Committee.  Fred Hagedorn noted that several events have been identified for in-competition testing.  A proposal that testing should only occur for those sailors who have identified themselves as actively pursuing an Olympic berth has been submitted to the US Anti-Doping Agency. Fred Hagedorn also noted that the USADA is only testing US sailors at these events. Bruce Eissner asked that Bill Waggoner, chair of the Sports Medicine committee, be kept apprised of this issue.

12. Store Rebate Program. Mike Schoettle proposed a small pilot program that would offer selected sailing organizations that put links on their sites to US SAILING’s online store a 5% rebate on any merchandise sold. 

·         Motion: a motion to test a web-based merchandise rebate program with no more than 5 yacht clubs was seconded and approved.  

13.   Unfinished Business.

13.a. Website collaborative. Mike Schoettle noted that a group called America’s Teams has submitted a preliminary proposal to host the websites of Olympic NGBs and some other sports. CBS Sports Line would become the internet service provider for the NGBs, and could take on considerable responsibility for structuring the websites. The content would continue to be the responsibility of the NGBs.  America’s Teams would help the NGBs develop sites that are as robust as possible. Mike Schoettle noted that this might be worth looking into, assuming that US SAILING’s control of our website would not be at risk. ExCom agreed to continue exploring this proposal. 

13.b.    Committee membership

·         Motion:  a motion was seconded and approved to approve the committee list as distributed.  

14.   New Business

14.a.Sailor’s Advisory Board.  Fred Hagedorn noted that the Sailor’s Advisory
  Board is reviewing the definition of athlete, specifically with regards to
  offshore and disabled sailors. 

15.   Executive Session.  

       Adjourned at 9:40 pm

Next Executive Committee meeting – rescheduled to Thursday, June 21, 2001 at 8:00 pm (Eastern standard time)