1.       Roll Call. Executive Committee members Sarah Alger, Charley Cook, Bruce Eissner, Ted Everingham, Louise Gleason, Fred Hagedorn, Craig Healy, Stephen Jeffries, John Ross, Mike Schoettle, and Larry White were present. Also present was Executive Director Terry Harper.

2.       Approval of Minutes

  • Motion: A motion to approve the minutes of the Executive Committee meeting of March 25, 2001, as amended, was seconded and passed.

3.       Treasurerís Report. Stephen Jeffries provided brief highlights from the February financial report, which was distributed earlier. He noted that US SAILING is below budget on both revenues and expenses, with a net balance to the positive for February. In addition, he requested the following motion.

  • Motion: A motion was seconded and approved to segregate dues payments for future years in a separate account with A.G. Edwards & Co., to be invested in bonds.

4.       Presidentís Remarks. 

4.a.     President's Club Outing. President Rosekrans noted that there will not be a Presidentís Club outing this year. The next outing will be the start of the Volvo Ocean Race. Gary Jobson has agreed to assist in the planning to ensure this is a great event for Presidentís Club members.

 4.b.   Athletes Right to Compete. President Rosekrans advised that US SAILING needs to inform people that the Racing Rules are not the only guidelines governing our sport. It was noted that a Rules prescription was recently approved that addresses this issue. The Executive Committee also suggested that the Legal Committee be asked to complete guidelines to help clubs understand their obligations under the Amateur Sports Act. 

4.c.     Web site collaborative. President Rosekrans noted that as of yet, US SAILING does not have sufficient information to make a judgment regarding the proposal to establish a collaborative web site with other NGBs.

4.d.     Inland Rules. A proposal regarding Inland Rule 1 has been received. Ted Everingham agreed to look into the proposal.  

5.       Executive Directorís Report.  A report on membership and on contracts was submitted. Terry Harper reported on the progress of the development of a virtual private network between Pshift and the Portsmouth office. The Rule Books are expected to be delivered and mailing to begin the first week of May, while the Dave Perry books will be delivered mid to late April.  It was noted that a press release should be distributed regarding the delivery schedules of the Rule Books and the Dave Perry book.

6.       Unfinished Business

6.a.       Committee membership lists. Action was deferred until the May 2001 meeting.

6.b.       West Marine Contract. The contract has been signed.

6.c.       2001 Sundance Cup ISAF Grading Form.

  • Motion: a motion was seconded and approved to authorize Executive Director Terry Harper to sign the ISAF grading form for the Sundance Cup.

7.       Olympic Committee

7.a.     Establishment of bank account in Greece and authorization of signatories.  Fred Hagedorn noted that the OSC has found it very useful to have an in-country bank account available during the years leading up to previous Olympics.

  • Motion: a motion was seconded and approved to establish a bank account with Jonathan Harley, Gary Bodie and Fred Hagedorn as signatories. 

7.b.     Fundraising Agreement.  There is a great need for fundraising, especially in our Olympic Programs.  President Rosekrans will name a four-person sub-committee of the Executive Committee to prepare and release an RFP to solicit fundraising proposals.

7.c.     Joint Marketing Agreement.  The agreement was approved last week and has been signed by US SAILING. Terry Harper will draft a letter to all US SAILING Event Chairs explaining any limitations this agreement may place upon them Ė it is much less than in the previous quadrennium.

7.d.       Vanguard Agreement.  An agreement with Vanguard has been signed, which will develop a Youth World Radial Team. Vanguard is to provide funding, which will help to pay for a coach and assistance in supporting five youth sailors to compete in the 2001 Radial Worlds. The coach will assist any US athlete participating, not simply the five selected athletes.

7.e.       2002 Youth World Team Qualifiers. The qualifier for the girls single-handed will be the 2001 Leiter Cup. Boys single-handed will be selected from the JO Nationals in 2002.  The boys and girls double-handed will be held in 29ers, and the selection event will be the 29er Midwinters in February 2002. Performance Sailcraft, the 29er manufacturer, will provide 10 boats to the OSC for charter. The IMCO selection events are under consideration with the US Windsurfing Association. A press release is being drafted.

8.       New Business

Bruce Eissner noted that he forwarded an article by Dan Nowlan on Offshore to the Executive Committee.

9.       Executive Session. 

 Adjourned at 9:40 pm

Next Executive Committee meeting - Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at 8:00 pm (Eastern standard time)