A meeting of the Executive Committee of the United States Sailing Association was held by telephone conference at 2000 (Eastern Time) on Tuesday, May 30, 2000.  President Muldoon presided, and Secretary Everingham recorded the minutes.

1.     ROLL CALL AND INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS.  All members of the Executive Committee were present except Mr. Schoettle.  Executive Director Terry Harper also was present.

2.     APPROVAL OF MINUTES.  The minutes of the April 18, 2000 meeting of the Executive Committee were approved as distributed before the meeting.

3.     PRESIDENT'S REMARKS.  Mr. Muldoon attended the Star Worlds at Annapolis Yacht Club and was impressed with the favorable result of two years’ planning by scores of dedicated volunteers.

4.     Treasurer's Report.  Treasurer Lane discussed the financial statements for the six-month period ended April 30, 2000, which were distributed to the Executive Committee by mail before the meeting.  Results are still behind budget.

5.     Executive Director's Report.  The Executive Director’s report was distributed before the meeting.

5a.     Membership Report - Mr. Harper reported that the weekly membership reports that the staff has been providing to the Executive Committee since April tend to show that memberships are catching up to budget, pretty much as projected during the April 18 Executive Committee meeting, but the full extent of the recovery will not be known until early July.

5b.     Governor’s Cup – The Executive Committee voted to advise ISAF that the Executive Committee continues to believes that Grade 4 is the appropriate ranking for the Governor’s Cup.

5c.   Trials Broadcast Agreement – The Executive Committee approved the proposed amendment to the Trials Broadcast Agreement with the United States Olympic Committee in which US SAILING waives the right to the compensation it would have received under the original agreement if the sailing trials are broadcast.  The amendment will be signed “under protest”.

5d.   Olympic Team at the Annual General Meeting – The Executive Committee approved inviting the Olympic Team to the Annual General Meeting in New Orleans, but that no additional operating monies will be used for this purpose.

6.     Unfinished Business

6a.   MIT License Agreement re: IMS – Discussion deferred to a later meeting.

6b.   Right of Appeal under RRS and Article 14 Proceedings – The Executive Committee discussed the fact that someone against whom action is taken by a protest committee under RRS 69 has the right to appeal to the association appeals committee (and later to the US SAILING Appeals Committee) and still may be involved in an Article 14 proceeding arising out of the same incident or conduct.  This introduces the danger of conflicting decisions from the parallel proceedings.  The Executive Committee concluded that in these circumstances the Article 14 proceeding should be held in abeyance pending the outcome of the appellate process, if there is an appeal of the protest committee’s decision.

        The Executive Committee will ask the US SAILING Appeals and Racing Rules committees for their opinion on the way these situations should be addressed.  The Secretary will write a letter to these committees asking for their views in time for discussion at the August meeting of the Executive Committee.

7.     New Business

7a.   2001 Budget – The Executive Committee reviewed the budget-related issues discussed in Ms. Baxter’s May 7 memorandum.  The Executive Director will present a roll-up budget with operating expenses no greater than $3.9 million (not including Olympic), and there will be further budget discussions at the June 26 Executive Committee meeting.

7b.   Posting Budget Information on Website – The Executive Committee approved posting the Board-approved budget on the website, but preliminary, working information will not be posted.

7c.   Credit to Multihull Council for Golden Anchor Membership Acquisition – The President asked the Executive Committee to think about the creation of a Multihull Committee, in addition to the Multihull Council.  The matter will be discussed at the June 26 Executive Committee meeting.

7d.   Report on ISAF Midyear Meeting – Mr. Cook will distribute a written report on the ISAF Midyear Meeting, the results of which largely were favorable to US SAILING’s positions.

7e.   ISAF Measurers’ Applications – The Executive Committee approved the nominations of Joseph Knowles for re-appointment as an International Measurer for the International Star Class and John F. Koopman for re-appointment as an International Measurer for the International Stars and International Etchells classes.

7f.    Proposal to Revise Procedure for Review of Rules Committee Submissions to ISAF – The Executive Committee considered and accepted a suggestion from the Racing Rules Committee (RRC), which would fine-tune the process for considering rules submissions to ISAF.  New submissions must be sent to the Executive Committee by June 15.  The Executive Committee working party will meet with the RRC representatives by conference call in mid to late June to consider those submissions.  Submissions relating only to new matters arising at the ISAF mid-year RRC meeting in late June may by presented to the Executive Committee working party no later than July 15.  The working party will meet by conference call with the RRC representatives twice in July to consider those submissions.

8.     Article 14 / Rule 69 Issues.  Mr. Everingham was excused and left the meeting before 99-14-02 was discussed.

8a.   99-69-04 – A hearing has been held, and a decision is being drafted.

8b.   00-14-01 – This matter is closed.

8c.   00-69-02 – This matter still is being considered by the Article 14 Review Board.

8d.   00-69-03 – An appeal is expected.

8e.   99-14-02 – A two-week period for settlement discussions was approved.

The meeting adjourned at 9:56 p.m. (Eastern Time).  The next meeting will be by telephone conference call at 2000 (Eastern Time) on Monday, June 26, 2000.

J. Theodore Everingham, Secretary