A meeting of the Executive Committee of the United States Sailing Association was held by telephone conference at 2000 (Eastern Time) on Monday, August 16, 1999. President Muldoon presided, and Secretary Everingham recorded the minutes.

1. ROLL CALL AND INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS. All members of the Executive Committee were present except Messrs. Chamberlain and White. By prior arrangement, Mr. Schoettle joined the meeting shortly after 2100. Also present were Executive Director Terry Harper and, at the invitation of the President, Board member Bruce Eissner (National Offshore Council). Board member Richard Goodman (One-Design Class Council) was invited but unable to attend.

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES. The minutes of the July 26, 1999 meeting of the Executive Committee were approved as distributed before the meeting.

3. PRESIDENT'S REMARKS. Mr. Muldoon announced that agenda item 6c will be discussed in executive session.

4. Treasurer's Report. Treasurer Lane discussed the financial statements for the nine-month period ended July 31, 1999, which were distributed to the Executive Committee by mail the week before the meeting.

5. Executive Director's Report. The Executive Director’s report was distributed before the meeting.

5a. Membership Report - Mr. Harper reviewed the statistical information distributed to the Executive Committee before the meeting and discussed in his report. Membership renewals are ahead of last year. New member acquisitions are slightly behind last year even though adult acquisitions are significantly ahead.

5b. SolomonSmithBarney Stock Account – The Executive Committee authorized the President and the Secretary to sell the stock in the SolomonSmithBarney account. Mr. Harper or, in his absence, Jonathan Harley were named as the authorized signatories on the account.

5c. Pricing Issues – Mr. Harper will present recommended pricing changes for Offshore, Training, Keelboat and Race Administration products for consideration at the September 14 Executive Committee meeting.

5d. UPS Sponsorship – Mr. Harper announced that UPS has agreed to sponsor the 1999 Adams and Mallory championships.

6. Unfinished Business

6a. Website Update – Mr. Schoettle reviewed some ideas for commercial use of the website that were considered by the website working party during an August 10 conference call, the minutes of which were distributed before the meeting.

6b. USOC Compliance Update – Mr. Everingham reported on the letter dated July 30, 1999 from Stephen Sobel of the USOC Membership and Credentials Committee, and Mr. Haenel reported on his discussions with athlete representatives on compliance issues.

7. New Business

7a. International Race Officials’ Applications – The Executive Committee, on recommendation of the Judges Committee, approved the application of Kirk Brown for certification as an International Umpire and, on recommendation of the Race Management Committee, approved the application of Mark G. Murphy for certification as an International Race Officer.

The Executive Committee accepted the Judges Committee’s recommendations not to approve three applications for certification as International Judge.

7b. Business Plan for Passage Making – The Executive Committee approved the business plan that Mr. Colgate (Training Committee Chair) and Rich Jepsen (Commercial Sailing Committee Chair) distributed before the meeting.

7c. Financial Procedures under the Bylaws – Mr. Lane suggested that the Board of Directors be required to approve or reject the Budget Committee’s proposed budget as a whole, rather than make line item changes. The President asked Ms. Baxter to organize a working party to prepare a plan to implement this proposal and present the plan at the September 14 Executive Committee meeting.

7d. Request from Federazione Italiana Vela (FIV) – Mr. Cook presented a request from the FIV for permission to translate the US SAILING Appeals into Italian for distribution by the FIV under a royalty-free, one-year license subject to the conditions outlined in the August 14, 1999 memorandum from the Appeals Committee to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee approved granting the license to the FIV on the conditions outlined in the August 14 memorandum.

7e. IMS Submissions – The Secretary will distribute to the Executive Committee two IMS submissions that Mr. Osmond described at the meeting. The Executive Committee adopted a motion to consider the submissions approved by the Executive Committee unless objections are received by the end of the day on Friday, August 20 (assuming distribution of the submissions on August 17).

  1. Executive SessioN - Mr. Eissner was excused, and the Executive Committee and the Executive Director continued in executive session respecting proposals from Sailing World and SAIL magazines.
  2. Article 14/Rule 69 Issues. Mr. Lane reported that a hearing before a hearing panel consisting of Mr. Lane, David Irish and Dean Brenner is scheduled for August 31 on grievance 99-14-01.

The meeting adjourned at 2134 (Eastern Time). The next meeting will be by telephone conference call at 2000 (Eastern Time) on Tuesday, September 14, 1999.



J. Theodore Everingham, Secretary