A meeting of the Executive Committee of the United States Sailing Association was held by telephone conference at 2000 (Eastern Standard Time) on Tuesday, February 16, 1999. President Muldoon presided, and Secretary Everingham recorded the minutes.

    1. Roll Call and Introduction of Guests. All members of the Executive Committee were present except Messrs. Chamberlain and Cook and Ms. Seidenspinner. Also present were Executive Director Terry Harper and, at the invitation of the President, Board member Ken Morrison. Board member Chip Johns was invited but did not attend.

    2. Approval of Minutes. The minutes of the January 19, 1999 meeting of the Executive Committee were approved as corrected.

  1. President's Remarks. Mr. Muldoon reported on the Rolex Yachtsman/Yachtswoman of the year awards and revised processes by which candidates were nominated, winners selected and awards presented.

    One sailing school expects up to 1,000 more new US SAILING members as result of the program approved by the Executive Committee at its January 19, 1999 meeting. (See item 7e in the minutes of January 19, 1999 Executive Committee meeting.)

    4. Treasurer's Report. Treasurer Lane discussed the financial statements for the three-month period ended January 31, 1999, which were distributed to the Executive Committee by mail the week before the meeting.

5. Executive Director's Report. The Executive Director’s report was distributed before the meeting.

        5a. Membership Report - Mr. Harper reviewed the statistical information distributed to the Executive Committee before the meeting and discussed in his report.

        6. Unfinished Business

        6a. Championships – Mr. Rosekrans requested comments from the Executive Committee on the draft position paper that he distributed before the meeting about participation by non-US citizens in US SAILING Championships. He plans to draft related regulations to be offered for approval at the Spring Meeting in Dallas.

        6b. Website Development – Mr. Schoettle reviewed the "Report of the Website Developer and Internet Service Provider Selection Working Party" that was distributed before the meeting. After a discussion, the Executive Committee approved a motion to accept the Working Party’s recommendation of Harbor Watch as US SAILING’s website developer, subject to ratification by the Board of Directors by e-mail or fax by February 26, 1999.

        6c. USOC Compliance – Mr. Everingham reported on the preparation of proposed bylaw amendments for initiation at the Spring Meeting in Dallas and Mr. Haenel’s development of a database of "athletes" for purposes of athlete representation on boards and committees of national governing bodies.

        6d. Terms and Conditions of President’s Club Membership – The Executive Committee approved the following motion: If someone pays US SAILING $1,000 per year and commits to paying that amount to the Association for two five-year periods (a total of $10,000), the person becomes a life member of US SAILING and a member of the President’s Club, but he or she must continue to pay $500 per year for a sail number acquired as a result of President’s Club membership. The Executive Committee authorized the President to resolve any existing questions about President’s Club membership on a case-by-case basis.

        6e. Site Selection for 2007 Pan Am Games – The Executive Committee approved a motion to support the application of Southport, North Carolina.


7. New Business

        7a. Sailing for Young People – Mr. White reviewed the paper that was distributed to the Executive Committee before the meeting. He will provide the President with the names of proposed task force to address the issues raised in the paper.

        7b. ISAF Status – J/80 Class – Mr. Harper reported that the J/180 class has not provided US SAILING with its application for ISAF International status, and the class currently does not belong to US SAILING. The Executive Director will advise the class about what it must provide before the Executive Committee can act on this question.

    8. Article 14/Rule 69 Issues - Mr. Morrison were excused and left the meeting before any Article 14/Rule 69 issues were discussed.

        8a. Article 14 Review – Mr. Lane reported. No action was taken.

        8b. 98-69-03 – The Executive Committee approved the following motion: After reviewing the Article 14 Review Board’s October 6, 1998 decision in case 98-69-03 and the Review Board’s related January 14, 1999 memorandum of clarification to the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee declared that US SAILING’s policy is that there shall be no differential in penalty for cheating involving a boat’s measurement or rating certificate based upon what body issued the certificate under which the boat races.

        8c. 98-69-04 – Mr. Schoettle reported that the hearing has been set for 7:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) on March 2, 1999.

The meeting adjourned at 2148 (Eastern Standard Time). The next meeting will be at the Spring Meeting in Dallas, Texas, at 1900 (Central Standard Time) on Thursday, March 18, 1999.


J. Theodore Everingham, Secretary