Board of Directors Minutes
October 19, 2003
Annual General Meeting in St. Louis, MO

1. President Dave Rosekrans called the meeting to order at 9 A.M.

2. Members present were: Janet Baxter, Betsy Beddow, Stan Betts, Norton Brooker, Dean Brenner, Mitch Brindley, Craig Brown, Ruth Creighton, Dan Doyle, Don Durant, Susan Epstein, Arthur Fox, Louise Gleason, Fred Hagedorn, Dick Hanneman, Tom Hubbell, Stephen Jeffries, Hart Kelley, Patty Lawrence, Gene McCarthy, Joe Melino, Ken Morrison, Jim Muldoon, Greg Norwine, John Osmond, Joni Palmer, Dave Rosekrans, Bill Ross, Jack Rudy, Art Stevens, Bill Stump and Joan Thayer. Absent were: James Appel, Melinda Berge, Jerelyn Biehl, Terry Bischoff, Larry Bulman, Paul Callahan, Jim Capron, Means Davis, Bruce Eissner, Greg Fisher, Mike Gebhardt, Joey Harris, Mark Herrmann, Bill Munster, Martha Parker, Mark Reynolds, Ding Schoonmaker, Betty Sue Sherman, Dick Tillman and Adam Werblow.

3. Jim Muldoon moved that Dave Rosekrans, as past president, be elected to Councilor of Honor of US SAILING. The motion was seconded and carried.

4. Jim Muldoon announced that both the US SAILING Board of Directors and Executive Committee were in compliance with the athlete requirements of the Ted Stevens Sports Act.

5. President Elect Janet Baxter thanked US SAILING for its confidence in her election, and said one of her objectives was to help Boards, Committees and Councils do their work better. At the same time, she said that for this job, "my biggest challenge, I need your help, too." She said her goals included excellent race management, judges, rules and appeals, plans to increase membership and the need to remain fiscally responsible.

6. General Services Chair Ruth Creighton reported that the Committee had agreed to support the amendment to a motion on Youth Dues that was deferred from yesterdays Board Meeting.
- Action Item:
     A motion introduced on Saturday and delayed for one day, as amended, to support an increase in Youth dues to $20 for Individual Membership and $16 for Golden Anchor Membership, was made, seconded and carried.

     A Motion to adopt the 2004 Annual Budget, amended by the change in Youth Dues to produce a surplus of approximately $29,000, was made, seconded and carried, unanimously.

7. The following Committees and Councils made oral reports. Written reports were distributed and will appear on Committee and Council web sites.

Cruising Council, Greg Norwine
Council of Sailing Associations, Bill Ross
Site Selection, Bill Ross, (for Ed Theisen)
One Design Class Council, Patty Lawrence
National Offshore Council, Ken Morrison
- Action Items:
     A Motion that the US SAILING Board of Directors formally supports ISAF Submission 022-03, which reaffirms the recognition of the Offshore Racing Council (ORC) as the sole authority to maintain and carry out the IMS measurement/rating system, its classes and divisions worldwide, was made, seconded and carried contingent upon the resolution of ownership issues with the IMS.

     A Motion that the US SAILING Board of Directors opposes ISAF submission
023-03, reducing the number on the ISAF Offshore Committee to 12 based on knowledge/skill rather than group or class, and changes the Offshore Committee Chair from voting to non-voting membership on the ISAF Council, was made, seconded and carried.

     A Motion that the US SAILING Board of Directors support ISAF submission
024-03, which defers ISAF action on proposals from the ISAF Offshore Structure Group until 2004 or later, was made, seconded and carried.

     A Motion that the US SAILING Board of Directors oppose the approval of the IRC Rule as an internationally recognized handicapping/rating rule, because it may not meet all ISAF requirements for approval as an internationally recognized rule in that it is based on a secret formula that is administered by only two countries. The motion was seconded and carried contingent on the Rule not being controlled by one or two countries.

Offshore Committee, Ken Morrison
- Action Items:
     A Motion that the US SAILING prescription defining practical hands-on training be modified to make it mandatory rather than recommended by changing the word "should" to "shall" throughout the prescription. Seconded and Carried.

     A Motion that the following wording for Special Regulation 4.10 be submitted to ISAF special regulations committee: "A radar reflector shall be carried aboard. The radar reflector is not required to be deployed. The radar reflector must have an X-band RCS (radar cross-section) computed at all angles of azimuth of not less than 2m2 RMS, with the azimuth measurements taken at any angle of heal up to 20 degrees. Octahedral radad reflectors constructed of circular plates whose diameter is at least 12.5 inches (317 mm) meet this requirement. If not accepted/included in the Equipment Rules of Sailing by ISAF, this wording will be included in the US SAILING prescriptions." Seconded and Carried.

Championship Committee, Karen Reisch (for Brad Dellenbaugh)
Olympic Committee, Fred Hagedorn
-Action Item:
     A Motion to transfer an amount up to $210,000 from the Olympic Endowment Fund (commonly referred to as the Olympic Windfall) to the Olympic Sailing Committee in 2004, was made, seconded and carried.

Training Committee, Jim Muldoon.
ISAF, Dave Irish
Women's Sailing, Susan Epstein
- Action Item:
     A Motion that the Board submit a bid to ISAF to accept the 2004 U.S. Women's Match Racing Championship as a qualifier for the Nation's Cup, was made, seconded and carried.
Inshore Committee, Tom Hubbell
Race Administration and Management Committees, Tom Farquhar
Training Committee, Jim Muldoon
- Action Item:
     Moved to send the policy document approved by the Executive Committee entitled Race Officials at US SAILING Championships back to the Executive Committee and ask that various interested parties be recontacted. Seconded and Carried.

Legal Committee, Joe Melino
- Action Item:
     A motion was made to approve, and to have the Executive Committee refer to the Bylaws Committee for inclusion, a Regulation stating:
"It is the policy of US SAILING to prohibit the requirement of indemnity agreements from competitors in US SAILING related events and that the following provision be adopted as a Regulation of US SAILING.
All events operated in accordance with the policies, procedures, Rules and Prescriptions of US SAILING shall not require competitors, as a condition of entry to any event, to personally indemnify and hold harmless the event organizer, its officers, employees, agents and members."
The motion was seconded and carried.

Sailor Athlete Council, Louise Gleason, announced that new officers are Dean Brenner, Chair; Betsy Altman, Vice Chair; and Susannah Carr, Secretary.

Commercial Sailing Committee, Thomas Carruthers
Sailors with Special Needs, Herb Meyer
Interscholastic Sailing Association, Larry White
Multihull Council, Art Stevens

8. A listing of new Committee Chairs was distributed, and President Rosekrans distributed awards to those retiring as Committee Chairs.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Dick Hanneman, Secretary