Board of Directors Minutes
October 18, 2003
Annual General Meeting in St. Louis, MO

1. The meeting was called to order at 8 a.m. by President Dave Rosekrans.

2. Members present were: James Appel, Janet Baxter, Betsy Beddow, Stan Betts, Terry Bischoff, Norton Brooker, Dean Brenner, Mitch Brindley, Craig Brown, Larry Bulman, Ruth Creighton, Means Davis, Dan Doyle, Don Durant, Susan Epstein, Arthur Fox, Louise Gleason, Fred Hagedorn, Dick Hanneman, Tom Hubbell, Stephen Jeffries, Hart Kelley, Patty Lawrence, Gene McCarthy, Joe Melino, Ken Morrison, Jim Muldoon, Bill Munster, Greg Norwine, John Osmond, Joni Palmer, Dave Rosekrans, Bill Ross, Jack Rudy, Ding Schoonmaker, Art Stevens, Bill Stump and Joan Thayer. Absent were: Melinda Berge, Jerelyn Biehl, Paul Callahan, Jim Capron, Bruce Eissner, Greg Fisher, Mike Gebhardt, Joey Harris, Mark Herrmann, Martha Parker, Mark Reynolds, Betty Sue Sherman, Dick Tillman and Adam Werblow.

3. A motion to approve the Board of Director Minutes of October 16, 2003, and October 17, 2003, which have been distributed, was made, seconded and carried.

4. The challenges facing the sport of sailing were topics in two presentations made to the Board. “The State of Sailing in the World and the US,” was presented by Malav Shroff, New York, a McKinsey Consultant who discussed material he had updated from an earlier presentation to ISAF and the Royal Yachting Association. To reverse the trend of no growth for the past decade, the sailing world needs to concentrate on increased participation and an emphasis on safety. He described how the Royal Yachting Association had begun a total reorganization based on these concepts, and how they were being implemented with ISAF. ISAF is encouraging all Member National Authorities to reorganize in similar fashion.

5. Tim Coventry of Great Britain, spoke on the topic “Connect to Sailing.” He is a director of the Royal Yachting Association and the manufacturer of Lasers and other small boats throughout most of the world. He emphasized the need for industry and MNA’s to work together to reorganize the sport. The RYA has set up a task force structure and steering committees. These, he said, must engage with industry, must be driven by people with the skill and knowledge to make them successful, and must concentrate on the development of young sailors.

6. Following these presentations, Paul Henderson, President of ISAF, endorsed both presentations and reiterated that ISAF is committed to its own reorganization and to a program of helping MNA’s reorganize to meet the needs of the future.

7. A motion to “allow the Sailing World and Cruising World contract expire as a membership benefit and replace it with a value package worth at least $200” was made by Ruth Creighton, chair of the General Services Committee. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

8. After a discussion on a plan to improve the Youth web site, a motion to “eliminate Junior Sailor as a benefit for all youth (junior) members” was made, seconded and carried, with one vote opposed.

9. A motion to “raise youth (junior) dues from $15 for individual youth (junior) members to $25, and to raise Golden Anchor youth (junior) members dues from $12 to $20 was made and seconded. A motion to amend those amounts to $20 for youth (junior) members and $16 for Golden Anchor youth (junior) members was moved and seconded. A third motion to postpone the voting on the motion and the amendment until tomorrow’s meeting was approved by a vote of 18 to 14.

10. Dick Rose, chair of the rules committee reported that submissions for the next Racing Rules of Sailing will be voted on at the next ISAF meeting, that US prescriptions will need to be ready in spring, and that the new Rules will be ready for distribution in December of 2004.

11. A video presentation “Fast and Fun” was presented by Art Stevens of the Multihull Council. The presentation is available on disk.

12. Youth Representative James Appel reported that: The 2004 Olympic Development Regatta will be held in Long Beach, CA.; A new selection policy has been approved for the Youth Champs; Money is available to develop the new Web site for Youth sailing; and, The Junior Olympic program in 2003 consisted of 20 events and attracted 4,000 young sailors.

13. Windsurfing Association chair Renee Liskens introduced Carolyn Boersma and Charles Ivy, who discussed the growth of Windsurfing, particularly among young sailors.

14. A Motion by Jim Muldoon to acknowledge the “exceptional contributions made by Mr. William Sandberg” was seconded and carried. The full proclamation is attached.

15. Details for the afternoon model boat races were reviewed by Dick Martin.

16. A discussion with Paul Henderson, ISAF President, will be held from 1-2 p.m. today.

17. The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 a.m.

18. Next Board of Directors Meeting: 9 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 19, 2003.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dick Hanneman, Secretary