A meeting of the Board of Directors of the United States Sailing Association, Inc., was held in St. Petersburg, Florida at 8:00 a.m., Saturday, October 20, 2001.  President Dave Rosekrans presided, and Secretary Sarah Alger recorded the minutes. 

1.       Roll Call. All members of the Board of Directors were present except for James Appel, Glen Brandenburg, Dean Brenner, Roger Brown, Brad Buell, John Collins, Greg Fisher, Craig Healy, Mark Hermann, Bill Keith, Bill Munster, Mark Reynolds, Eric Wallischeck, and Larry White.

2.       Approval of Minutes.

·         Motion: a motion was made, seconded, and approved to approve the minutes of October 19, 2001.

3.       Women’s Sailing Presentation.  Susan Epstein announced a new partnership with the National Women’s Sailing Association and introduced Doris Colgate, founder and chairman of the board. Diana Smith presented an overview of the NWSA.

4.       Hinman Presentation.  Betsy Altman presented an overview of Team Racing and the Hinman Trophy, and thanked sponsors Rolex and Vanguard for their support.

5.       Offshore Presentation. Dan Nowlan and Jim Teeters presented the new online PHRF Toolbox.

6.       Revised RRS Appendix F. Ted Everingham referred the board to the revised RRS Appendix that was distributed.

·         Motion:  a motion was made, seconded and approved to approve the revisions to RRS Appendix F.

7.       Council and Committee Reports

7.a.    Youth Representative. Deferred.

7.b.    Multihull Committee. Deferred.

7.c.    Race Management. Tom Farquhar referred the board to the Race Management Committee Report.

7.d.    ISAF Delegation. Deferred.

7.e.    Women’s Committee.  Deferred.

7.f.     Site Selection.  A report was distributed to the board.

7.g.    Competitor Classification. Dave Irish reported that the committee classified about 1200 competitors this year.

7.h.    Appeals.  Deferred.

7.i.      Race Management. Tom Farquhar reported on the Race Management meeting and referred the board to the report that was distributed.

7.j.      Commercial Sailing Association/Industry Advisory Committee. Greg Norwine asked those present who represent keelboat programs to stand and referred the board to the report that was distributed.

7.k.    Community Sailing Council. No report.

7.l.      Sailors with Special Needs. Hugh Elliot referred the board to the report that was distributed. As he retires, he expressed his thanks to Lee Parks and Jonathan Harley for their support. He applauded US SAILING for being one of the few NGBs to enthusiastically incorporate disabled athletes into their organizations.

7.m.  Legal Committee. No report.

7.n.    Web Working Party.  Mike Schoettle reported that the working party held a Technology Training session, and a Web Liaison meeting followed by a Web Working Party meeting. He thanked HarborWatch for their support, and referred the board to the report that was distributed.

7.o.    US Sailing Foundation. Dave Irish reported that $32,000 had been granted: $17,500 for Olympic, $8,000 for Inshore, $6,500 for community sailing initiatives.

8.       US Olympic Committee Representative’s Report. Bill Martin, who is a member of the search committee for a new USOC Executive Director, gave an update on the search and other activities of the USOC, including the fact that preparations for Salt Lake City are moving along well. 

9.      Budget. Stephen Jeffries presented an overview of the Budget.  Bill Placke did a brief overview of “Operation Hullspeed,” the US SAILING Work Plan.  He reported that the organization is fundamentally fiscally sound.  Mike Schoettle and Bruce Eissner spoke against and for, respectively, the proposed budget.   

Adjourned at 9:40 a.m.

Next Board of Directors meeting - Sunday, October 21, 2001 at 9:00 am

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Alger