A meeting of the Board of Directors of the United States Sailing Association, Inc., was held in St. Petersburg, Florida at 8:00 a.m., Friday, October 19, 2001.  President Dave Rosekrans presided, and Secretary Sarah Alger recorded the minutes.

1.       Roll Call. All members of the Board of Directors were present except for James Appel, Glen Brandenburg, Dean Brenner, Roger Brown, Brad Buell, John Collins, Greg Fisher, Craig Healy, Mark Hermann, Bill Keith, Bill Munster, Mark Reynolds, Eric Wallischeck and Larry White.

2.       Approval of Minutes.

·         Motion: a motion was made, seconded, and approved to approve the minutes, as corrected, of October 18, 2001.

3.       Rolex International Women’s Keelboat Presentation.  Sandy Grosvenor thanked Denise MacGillivray for her efforts in making the Rolex International Women’s Keelboat a great success. She noted that thanks to its sponsor, Rolex, the event had a film crew out on the water. The resulting video was shown.

4.       US Olympic Sailing Center, Miami, Florida.  Jeff Rubin, chairman of the US Olympic Sailing Center, announced that their trailer has been removed and construction begun on a new 6,000 square foot Olympic training center. The goal is to give prospective Olympiads a place to train.

5.       Fast & Fun Presentation.  Art Stevens discussed examples of successful events held by the Fast & Fun Program to introduce children to sailing.  Art Stevens presented US SAILING with a US SAILING banner signed by the children who have participated in the Fast & Fun Program during the year.

6.      Recognition and Awards.                        

6.a.    Dave Rosekrans recognized those individuals who are retiring from positions on the Board of Directors and as Committee Chairs.

7.      Council and Committee Reports

7.a.    Budget Committee.  Donna Hobbs noted that the budget proposes an operating deficit of $146,900 and that the committee does not support the proposed budget.

7.b.    Youth Representative.  Deferred

7.c.    Multihull Committee. Deferred.

7.d.    Race Management. Deferred

7.e.    ISAF Delegation.  Deferred

7.f.     General Services. Don Durant referred the Board to the report that has been distributed and noted one correction.

8.       New Business. There was no new business.

9.      Recognition and Awards.

9.a.    US Windsurfer of the Year. Dick Tillman presented the US Windsurfer Award to Roger Jackson. The award lists both the names of people who have demonstrated tremendous achievements in windsurfing, and those whose efforts have significantly contributed to the sport. Roger Jackson has been a key volunteer with the Fast & Fun program, and has helped give 1,000s of children an opportunity to try sailing.

10.  Announcements.

10.a.  Jim Muldoon announced the revised schedule for the Government Relations and Nominating Committees.

10.b.  John Burnham announced that additional C.R.E.W. cards are available.

10.c.  Hugh Elliott announced that the International Foundation for Disabled Sailing, in cooperation with Sailors with Special Needs, is running a display of boats from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. demonstrating how inexpensively a boat can be adapted to handicapped sailing.  He noted that the IFDS Worlds will begin the week after the AGM in St. Petersburg.

10.d.  Mike Schoettle requested that committee chairs post their minutes on the web as soon as possible.  He also noted several web training opportunities and meetings.

Adjourned at 8:50 a.m.

Next Board of Directors meeting - Saturday, October 20, 2001 at 8:00 am

Respectfully submitted, 


Sarah Alger