Board of Directors Meeting
Saturday, March 24, 2001
8:00 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time)
Adams Mark Hotel, Charlotte, NC

1.       Roll Call. Present were Sarah Alger, James Appel, Janet Baxter, Betsy Beddow, Stan Betts, Dean Brenner, Craig Brown, Roger Brown, Charley Cook, Don Durant, Bruce Eissner, Susan Epstein, Ted Everingham, Chuck Fuller, Don Glasell, Fred Hagedorn, Stephen Jeffries, Bill Keith, Linda Kessler, Patty Lawrence, Joseph Melino, Clay Mock, Ken Morrison, Bill Munster, John Osmond, Dave Rosekrans, John Ross, William Ross, Mike Schoettle, Ding Schoonmaker, Pat Seidenspinner, Vicki Sodaro, Art Stevens, Dick Tillman, Eric Wallischeck, T.K. Wegg, Larry White. 

2.       Approval of Minutes

·         Motion: A motion was seconded and approved to approve the Friday, March 23, 2001 minutes as amended.

3.       Introductions

1.a.    President Rosekrans asked first time attendees to introduce themselves.

1.b.    Charles Cook introduced Paul Henderson, president of ISAF.
Paul Henderson spoke, noting that ISAF represents 130 countries and 70 international classes. He presented the first ISAF Rulebook in the US to Bill Bentsen, chairman of the Appeals Committee, and the second Rulebook, as well as a Yearbook, to Dave Rosekrans. 

4.       Sailing Smart Update. Betsy Altman presented an update on the Sailing Smart program, which is designed to introduce children ages 10-13 to boating and sailing. The program has undergone two years of testing and was launched nationwide at the National Sailing Program Symposium. Betsy Altman noted that we owe thanks to the US Coast Guard for funding support and to the National Recreation and Park Association for printing, distribution and marketing support. Of the first print run of 20,000 activity books, 30% have been sold. Feedback has been that the children and instructors feel the program is fun, exciting, and does a great job of promoting water recreation safety. In addition, a Sailing Counselor Course has been developed by Pat Giella for camp counselors and other waterfront instructors to train the counselors to teach Sailing Smart.


5.       Intercollegiate Sailing Association.  Eric Wallischeck reported that the number of college sailors seems to be remaining steady or increasing; however, the number of college sailing programs seems to be declining. The ICSA is concerned about this consolidation and has named a strategic planning committee to address this issue. A report was distributed. 

6.       International Federation of Disabled Sailors. Hugh Elliot presented a report from Robert Pierce of the International Foundation for Disabled Sailing, which was distributed. Hugh Elliot also noted that the 2001 World Disabled Championships will be held in St. Petersburg October 24-31, 2001, immediately after the Fall AGM.

7.       Council and Committee Reports

7.a.    General Services Committee. A report was submitted by Don Durant.

7.b.    Audit Committee. A report was submitted by Joseph Melino.

7.c.    ISAF Delegation. Charley Cook noted that the delegation had met and would bring forward resolutions on Sunday, after review by the appropriate committees.

7.d.    Website Working Party. Mike Schoettle noted that Harborwatch was hired just two years ago. Originally, the focus was to bring people to the website. This has evolved towards making the website a functional part of how US SAILING does business. Last year, as a result of e-commerce, $544,000 flowed through the website. New online applications include championships, the directory, job bank, and the RO/Judges Reporting System. In addition, the calendar, automated forms, video, e-ussailing, community sailing e-mail lists, Olympic sailing list servers, are up and running. Mike Schoettle expressed US SAILING’s thanks to Harborwatch, which donates 40 percent of the total time it spends on the website. He also thanked Powershift, which donates the hosting of US SAILING’s site.

7.e.    Competitor Eligibility. Dave Irish announced the Competitor Classification System. Seven of 12 members are qualified as athletes. He noted that Clark Chapin has described the SALT system, which will undergo some initial testing. A modest change in the code to bring it in alignment with ISAF regulations is under consideration. 

7.f.     Budget Committee.  Donna Hobbs noted that the Executive Committee has passed two changes to the budget: (1) an additional expense of $33,950 for wire-o binding and other enhancements to the Rulebook, and (2) a projected increase in revenue of $2,226 for Offshore as part of its “Get Well Plan.” First quarter budget expenses are close to on track, running a deficit of $10,171. First quarter budget revenues are running a deficit of $153,134. Dave Rosekrans expressed his appreciation to Donna Hobbs, Stephen Jeffries, Cynthia Leary-Johnson, and the auditors for their efforts. 

8.       Old Business

8.a.    USOC Compliance.  Fred Hagedorn noted that the US Sailor-Athlete Advisory Board was elected in March -- 20 athletes self nominated, 13 were elected, and four are at the meeting despite one week notice.

8.b.    Report on ISAF Eligibility and Advertising Codes. A Working Party was established in December and has been working on interpreting the codes. Dick Hanneman noted that after considerable discussion on how to apply the Eligibility code, a prescription was developed that eliminates the penalty for protesting under the code. He also noted that a solution was determined for application of the Advertising Code.  

8.      New Business

8.a.    Youth Worlds. The Youth Championships Committee is dedicated to holding the best possible US event for sailors. Therefore, the committee would like to move responsibility for the international Youth Sailing Team to the Olympic Sailing Committee, which can better support the needs of the team.

·         Motion: A motion was seconded and approved to move responsibility for the international youth sailing team to the Olympic Sailing Committee. 

9.       Recognition and Awards. Stan Betts and Dave Rosekrans presented the following awards:

9.a.    The One-Design Leadership Award was presented to Keith Graham of Seattle, WA, in recognition of his enthusiasm, organizing ability, and leadership in creating the one-design fleet building program of the year, for Thistle Fleet 61.

9.b.    The John H. Gardner, Jr. Service Award was presented to Chuck Mascal of Beach Haven, NJ, for distinguished service and exceptional leadership in the promotion of one-design sailing and class organization, on behalf of the Optimist Dinghy sailors.

9.c.    The One-Design Regatta Award was presented to the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club for excellence in development, promotion and management by the organizers and sponsors of the year’s outstanding multi-class regional regatta, the ABYC annual Turkey Day Regatta. Chuck Hardin accepted the award on behalf of ABYC.

9.d.    The One-Design Creativity Award was presented to Kent Marinkovic for outstanding individual creativity and contributions in this year’s most innovative one-design event of national or international importance. When the US Windsurfing National Championships on Martha’s Vineyard was cancelled, Kent Marinkovic hosted the first ever US Windsurfing National Techno (windsurf) Championships. Mark Gebhardt accepted the award on behalf of Kent.

9.e.    The W. Van Alan Clark, Jr. National Sportsmanship Award was presented to Dave Perry for his exemplary leadership and for being a role model for sailors, from youths to adults, across the country. 

10.   Announcements


Next Board of Directors meeting - Sunday, March 24, 2001 at 9:00 am