Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, March 23, 2001

8:30 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time)

Adams Mark Hotel, Charlotte, NC

 1.       Roll Call. Present were Sarah Alger, James Appel, Janet Baxter, Betsy Beddow, Stan Betts, Dean Brenner, Craig Brown, Roger Brown, Charley Cook, Don Durant, Bruce Eissner, Susan Epstein, Ted Everingham, Chuck Fuller, Don Glasell, Fred Hagedorn, Darline Hobock, Stephen Jeffries, Bill Keith, Linda Kessler, Patty Lawrence, Joseph Melino, Clay Mock, Ken Morrison, James Muldoon, Bill Munster, John Osmond, Dave Rosekrans, John Ross, William Ross, Mike Schoettle, Ding Schoonmaker, Pat Seidenspinner, Vicki Sodaro, Art Stevens, Dick Tillman, Eric Wallischeck, T.K. Wegg, Larry White.

2.       Remembrance of Departed Comrades. Dave Rosekrans asked for a moment of silence to remember our fallen comrades, Bob Bavier and others who have departed during the past six months.

3.       Presidentís Remarks. Dave Rosekrans noted that in his first six months, he has good news and bad news. Full text of his remarks is at

4.       Vacancies on the Board and the Executive Committee. Fred Hagedorn announced several changes to the Board of Directors, including the filling of two vacancies on the board which fulfill US SAILING athlete representation requirement on the Board and Executive Committee.

Moved, second and approved that Fred Hagedorn has resigned from the position of Youth Representative to the Board.

Moved, seconded and approved that James Appel is appointed to the position of Youth Representative.

Moved, seconded and approved that athletes Craig Healy and Louise Gleason are appointed as at-large members.

5.       Introductions of First Time Attendees. Dave Rosekrans asked that those who are attending a US SAILING for the first time introduce themselves. Dick Tillman announced that Holly McPherson, executive director, US Windsurfing, is leaving and thanked her for her efforts. He also introduced Christine Brooks who will become executive director.

6.       Bylaws Changes.  Ted Everingham presented a bylaw amendment that causes appeals under Rule 69 to be reviewed directly by the Article 14 review board, rather than going through the Appeals Committee. If forwarded by the Board, this amendment would be voted on at the fall 2001 AGM.

7.       Treasurerís Report.  Stephen Jeffries noted that financial results for the first quarter, audited financial statements from Rooney Plotkin & Willey, the management letter, and other materials had been distributed.

8.       Executive Directorís Report.  Terry Harper introduced the US SAILING staff members who are present. He noted highlights of his report. He noted that the new dues structure authorized in November drove a redesign of the database structure, which was successfully accomplished on time. In addition, the schedule for membership renewal letters was moved back six weeks, so now they are mailed three months ahead of expiration. As a result, renewals were slightly delayed compared to past years; however, as of this week, renewals have caught up to previous years. In addition, 10 percent of the renewals were under the new multi-year dues membership structure for individuals.

9.       Strategic Planning.  Mike Schoettle reported that the Executive Committee, along with guests Janet Baxter and Donna Hobbs, participated in an all-day strategic planning session to develop strategy objectives and priority goals, which were distributed. In developing these goals, more than 250 responses to a questionnaire on the website and input from the Board, committee members and staff were considered.  The priority goals are designed to be a tool to help determine budgeting decisions, and are recommended to the Board by the Strategic Planning Committee. Mike Schoettle asked for feedback, which will be considered and a final summary will be distributed later.  

 10.   USOC Representative Report. Bill Martin noted that the USOC is in a state of transition. Sandy Baldwin is the new president, and the first woman president.  USOC has an interim CEO, and a search committee has been assembled, of which Bill Martin is a member, to identify a new CEO. Financially, funds are projected to be increasingly tight.

 11.   Announcements

11.a.    Lake Norman Yacht Club. Dave Rosekrans presented a burgee to Lake Norman Yacht Club in appreciation for their hosting of the US SAILING Spring 2001 meeting. Lake Norman Yacht Club was the first Golden Anchor Club, has hosted numerous regional and national events, and won St. Petersburg Trophy. Bob McGrath accepted the burgee on behalf of LNYC. 

11.b.    Committee lists.  Janet Baxter noted that committee lists have been distributed. Changes should be submitted on the forms available at the registration desk by 3 pm Saturday.

11.c.    Acknowledgements. Dave Rosekrans asked that the Rules Committee stand to be recognized for their efforts.

12.   The meeting was adjourned at 9:36 am.

Next Board of Directors meeting - Saturday, March 24, 2001 at 8:00 am