A meeting of the Board of Directors of the United States Sailing Association was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, at 8:00 a.m. (Central Time) on Sunday, October 15, 2000. President Muldoon presided, and Secretary Everingham recorded the minutes.

1. Roll Call. All members of the Board of Directors were present except Messrs. Ansfield, Cochran, Collins, Cook, Harken, Johns, Lane, Munster, Osmond, Reynolds and Ross and Ms. Sertl.

2. Approval of Minutes. The minutes of the Board of Directors meeting on October 14, 2000 were approved.

3. President’s Remarks. President Muldoon introduced Nancy Richardson, a retiree from the Girl Scouts of the United States, who is working with Pat Giella to coordinate a new Sailing Counselor training program for girl Scout staff. She also is drafting a memorandum of understanding intended to more closely join US SAILING and the Girls Scouts.

He congratulated Marcia Everingham for winning the autographed "Sydney 2000" jacket donated by Janet Baxter, then thanked her for donating it to the Olympic Sailing Committee to be sold at auction to benefit the United States Olympic Sailing Team.

Mr. Muldoon presented an award to Tom Farquhar in recognition of his work as Chair of the Intercollegiate Sailing Association.

Joanne Dorval was recognized for her service as "Coordinator of Presidential Activities" during the three-year Muldoon presidency.

4. Council and Committee Reports – For more detail respecting the report and activities of any reporting committee or council, please refer to its page on the US SAILING website at www.ussailing.org.

4a. Championships Committee. James Appel reported for Chairman Brad Dellenbaugh. At the committee’s request, the Board of Directors adopted the following resolution:

BE IT RESOLVED that $7,400 be transferred from the Junior Championship Designated Fund account to the Junior Championships operating budget for 2001.

The Board of Directors adopted the following resolution at the request of the Championships Committee:

BE IT RESOLVED that US SAILING endorses and supports the application of Balboa Yacht Club’s Governors Cup to become an ISAF Grade 3 Match Racing Event in recognition of its being a junior national match racing championship.

4b. Council of Sailing Associations. Walter Chamberlain referred the Board to the committee’s written report.

4c. Inshore Committee. Larry White referred the Board to the committee’s written report.

4d. Website Working Party. Mike Schoettle made a PowerPoint presentation about the US SAILING website at www.ussailing.org.

4e. Legal Committee. The committee had no report.

4f. Multihull Council/Multihull Committee. Art Stevens referred the Board to the council’s written report. At the council’s request, the Board of Directors approved the following resolution:

BE IT RESOLVED that up to $4,500 be transferred from the Hoyt/Jolley Designated Fund to the Alter Cup operating budget for 2001.

The council’s request that the Executive Committee approve participation of young multihull sailors in the National Junior Olympic regattas was referred to the Youth Championship Committee.

The Board of Directors approved Terms of Reference for the Multihull Committee (Attachment A).

4g. National Offshore Council (NOC). Craig Brown referred the Board to the committee's written report.

4h. Offshore Committee. Bruce Eissner reported for the committee. At the committee’s request, the Board of Directors approved adding the following US SAILING prescription to 6.01 of the Recommendations for Offshore Sailing:

US SAILING prescribes that acceptable training shall be in programs that are approved by US SAILING.

The Offshore Committee requested the Racing Rules Committee to act swiftly with ISAF to change RRS 1.1 ("A boat or competitor shall give all possible assistance to any person or vessel in danger.") to conform with COLRG 2304 - Duty to provide assistance at sea, which reads in part:

(a) A master or individual in charge of a vessel shall render assistance to any individual found at sea in danger of being lost, so far as the master or individual in charge can do so without serious danger to the master’s or individual’s vessel or individuals on board.

4i. Olympic Sailing Committee. Hal Haenel referred the Board to the committee's written report.

At the request of the Olympic Sailing Committee, the Board of Directors approved the transfer of $100,000 from the designated fund known as the "LA Windfall" fund to the Olympic Sailing Committee operating budget.

4j. One Design Class Council (ODCC). Dick Martin referred the Board to ODCC’s written report.

4k. Race Administration Committee. Pat Seidenspinner referred the Board to the committee's written report.

4l. Racing Rules Committee. Rob Overton referred the Board to the committee's written report. He distributed a draft of possible US SAILING prescriptions to the 2001-2004 Racing Rules of Sailing.

4m. Training Committee. Rich Jepsen referred the Board to the committee's written report and made a PowerPoint presentation about the committee’s work.

5. Unfinished Business

5a. Amendment to Regulation 5.04(a). The Board of Directors approved amending US SAILING Regulation 5.04(a) – Non-USA Resident Membership and Participation to read as follows (new text is underscored):

(a) Participation is US SAILING Championships is open to non-US citizens (including resident and non-resident aliens), provided all other requirements of the Championship are met, except where the notice of race require US citizenship for the specific Championship. The Junior Olympic Nationals, the Leiter and the Ida Lewis require US citizenship, but a waiver may be requested. The Women’s Match Racing National Championship requires US citizenship or resident alien status. Non-resident aliens may request a waiver. Creating a new requirement of US citizenship requires approval of the US SAILING Board of Directors.

5b. 2001 Budget. Janet Baxter first acknowledged Laurel Kenney’s contributions to the Budget Committee and US SAILING. She then presented the 2001 budget, which includes total revenue of $4,959,948 (including $873,311 earmarked for Olympic expenses), total expense of $4,823,656 (including $890,000 for Olympic expenses) and a budgeted operating surplus of $152,981. The 2001 budget was approved as presented. See www.ussailing.org/budget/2001budget.htm.

5c. Proposed Dues Increase. Don Durant moved to withdraw the dues-increase motion that he presented on Friday and to substitute the proposal entitled "General Services Committee Amended Dues Proposal (10/15/00)", which was distributed before the meeting. Motion approved. The Board of Directors then approved a motion to approve the proposed increase.

5d. Community Sailing Council "Golden Anchor" Proposal. Glen Brandenburg presented a proposal to expand the Golden Anchor program to all US SAILING member organizations (Attachment B). The Board of Directors supported the general concept of the proposal and referred it to the General Services Committee for development of an implementation plan. The implementation plan is subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

6. New Business

6a. Approval of Chairs. The Board of Directors approved the appointments on Attachment C.

6b. Councilor of Honor. President Muldoon was appointed a Councilor of Honor.

7. Recognition and Awards

7a. 50-Year Member Ike Stephenson. Mr. Muldoon presented a pin to Ike Stephenson in recognition of his 50 years of US SAILING membership.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:04 a.m. The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, March 23, 2001, in Charlotte, North Carolina.



J. Theodore Everingham, Secretary





October 14, 2000


    1. To be responsible for the activities and services to Multihull sailors and associated parties.
    2. Plan, develop, manage and administer programs for the Multihull community within
    3. US SAILING.

    4. Develop a budget each year to be presented to the budget committee with recommendations from staff liaison.
    5. Work with the Multihull Council to effectively represent and communicate the interests and concerns of Multihull sailors to the National Body.


    1. The Board of Directors in accordance with the US SAILING bylaws shall appoint the Multihull Committee Chairperson.
    2. The Multihull Committee shall be comprised of five (5) members and at least three (3) members shall be current members of the Multihull Council’s Executive Committee.


    1. The committee will be a working committee not limited to meeting in the spring and fall each year.
    2. The committee will work with the Youth Development Working Party to provide long term strategy and policy to develop young Multihull Sailors.
    3. The committee shall insure young Multihull sailors have opportunities to train and be selected for ISAF World Youth Sailing Championships in cooperation with the Olympic Sailing Committee.
    4. Encourage training and education by working with the training committee to produce products and materials relative to Multihull Sailing.
    5. The committee will be responsible for the Fast and Fun sailing program. Provide for a program manager and see that the program functions in accordance with its stated goals.




Proposal to the US SAILING Board of Directors to Extend the Golden Anchor Program

In recognition of the importance of acquisition of new members and the future renewal of those members for US SAILING, and in recognition that the proposed budget for 2001 has no money budgeted for new member acquisition, the Board of Directors expands the Golden Anchor program for all member organizations of US SAILING. For each member affiliated with a US SAILING member organization, the member will receive the special membership price of $40 and the organization will receive a $10 credit for those new members. To receive this credit membership must be enrolled through the US SAILING website and must be entered by the member or the member organization. These credits can be used by the member organization for goods and services from US SAILING such as publications, instructor training, etc. The credits must be used in the US SAILING fiscal year earned.







Ansfield, Paul



Bill Keith

Appel, James



Baxter, Janet

Vice President/EXCOM


to At Large

Beddow, Betsy

Area F


Brandenburg, Glen

Community Sailing Cl


Brenner, Dean

At Large


Brown, Craig



Brown, Roger

Area C


Chamberlain, Walter



John Ross

Cochran, Joe

Area H


T.K. Wegg

Collins, John



Cook, Charley

Vice President/EXCOM


Durant, Don

General Services/EXCOM


Durant, Peter



Patty Lawrence

Eissner, Bruce



Epstein, Susan

Area A


Everingham, Ted



Sarah Alger

Everingham, Ted

Vice President/EXCOM


Farquhar, Thomas



Eric Wallischeck

Fuller, Chuck

Area J (replaced Eaton '99)


Glasell, Don

Area K


Haenel, Hal

Vice President/EXCOM



Harken, Peter

At Large


Janet Baxter

Herman, Mark

At Large



Hobbs, Robert H.

Olympic Sailing/EXCOM


Fred Hagedorn

Jeffries, Stephen

At Large


Darline Hobock

Jepsen, Rich




Johns, Chip



Keith, Bill

Area G



Lane, Robert



Steve Jeffries

Martin, Richard



Stan Betts

Mock, Clay

Area E


Morrison, Ken



Muldoon, James



Dave Rosekrans

Muldoon, James

VP, Government Relations


James P. Muldoon

Munster, Bill



Osmond, John



Reynolds, Mark

At Large


Roberts, Dick

Area B


Brad Buell

Rosekrans, Dave

Vice President/EXCOM


to President

Ross, William

Area D


Schoettle, Mike

Vice President/EXCOM


Schoonmaker, Ding




Race Admin/EXCOM

Sertl, Cory

Youth Rep


Fred Hagedorn

Sodaro, Vicki

Women’s Rep


Stevens, Art

Multihull Council


Tillman, Dick



White, Larry








Altman, Betsy

Team Race Champ


Appel, James

Youth Championship



Baxter, Janet

Budget Committee



Bentsen, Bill



Brooker, Norton

Men’s Champ. (Mallory)


Bulman, Larry



Cady, Dean



Cady, Dean

Single Handed Sailing


Capper, Cappy

Jr. Championships


Chris Bartell

Capron, Jim



Codman, Jane

Women’s Open



Cook, Charley

Article 14 Review Board


Bob Lane

Dellenbaugh, Brad



Durant, Don

General Services


Eissner, Bruce

Offshore Committee


Elliott, Hugh



Everingham, Marcia

(took over for D Snider)

Race Management


Tom Farquhar

Everingham, Ted



Hobock, Darline

Portsmouth Numbers


Irish, Dave

Competitor Eligibility


Jepsen, Rich

Training Committee


Linda Kessler

Karn, Mike



Keith, Bill



Keith, Bill



Joe Melino

Kern, Don

CSA Services Review


Kober, Chuck

Match Racing


Leo, Steve

(took over Bill Reed)

U.S. Multihull Sailing Championship



Women’s Keelboat


Meyer, Herb

Independence Cup


Morrison, Kenneth

Offshore Teams


Naranjo, Ralph

Safety at Sea


Norwine, Greg

Commercial Sailing


O’Donnell, Terry

Government Relations


Jim Muldoon

Overton, Robert

Racing Rules


Pipin, Fred

IMS Owners


Reichelsdorfer, Peter

IMS Committee


Reisch, Karen

Womens’s Champ


Faye Bennett

Seidenspinner, Pat

Race Management Comm.


Smither, Robert

Champs of Champs


Sodaro, Vicki

Jr. Women’s Champ


Sodaro, Vicki

Women’s Sailing


Susan Epstein

Stevens, Art

Multihull Committee


New committee

Trotman, Susie

National Faculty


Sheila McCurdy

Waggoner, Bill

Sports Medicine


White, Larry

Inshore Committee