US Sailing Team

US Sailing Innovation, Research and Development

In Olympic class racing, it’s important to gain every advantage possible. The US Sailing Innovation, Research and Development (IR&D) program is designed to support the US Sailing Team by taking advantage of opportunities to gain marginal advancements on the competition.

US Sailing Team Innovation, Research & Development Initiatives:
  • Weather
  • Tide
  • Equipment
  • Race analysis

The US Sailing IR&D Initiatives support the national team athletes in many ways. The IR&D staff has worked on projects encompassing everything from manufacturing the equipment and systems to collect and process data of the sailing conditions, to conducting in-depth analyses of racing performance at international regattas.

Spearheaded in the Hub of U.S. Innovation:

As the development of FAST USA – a new training base in San Francisco, Calif. and the future home of the US Sailing IR&D program – progresses, the IR&D program is getting familiar with the advantages of being based in the central California hub of U.S. technology. US Sailing’s IR&D staff already utilizes the San Francisco and Boston facilities of Autodesk to support the program’s efforts.


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