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Project Pipeline is about our youth, their opportunity and our future strength as a sailing nation. It is about excellence.We have quite a pool of young talent in the USA. Thanks to the elite structure of support that we are able to offer, we’re now on track to help young sailors develop the skills and knowledge necessary to improve their results at international competitions.To succeed in any sport, it takes focus, determination, passion and commitment by not just the athlete, but also his/her coaches. For the first time, we now have this at the youth level in the USA. I am very pleased with the progress that has been made so far. AmericaOne is proud to have collaborated with U.S. Olympic Sailing Committee on the design and launch of Project Pipeline.”

Paul Cayard
Director, AmericaOne Foundation

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  • Anonymous
  • Elke and Markus Lahrkamp
  • Michael and Joan Mollerus
  • Trevor Moore Foundation
  • Joyce and Andrew Morgan
  • North Sails
  • Mr. Christopher Robinson
  • Quantum Racing

$5000 – $9999

  • Margaret and Philip Anker
  • Mr. and Mrs. John W. Madigan
  • Susan and Stanley Trotman (Stanley Trotman, Jr. Trust)

$1000 – $4999

  • Cynthia and Brooks Borcherding
  • Charles M. & Mary Ely Brennan (The CMB Foundation)
  • Donald Grant and Ann Martin Calder Foundation
  • Joyce and Robert A. Gay
  • Kitty and John G. Goldsmith
  • Elizabeth G. Riley and Daniel E. Smith, Jr.
  • St. Francis Sailing Foundation
  • The Abra Wilkin Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Wilson (Jay M. Wilson Fund)

$500 – $999

  • Robert L. and Elizabeth C. Alexander Family Fund
  • Betsy and Philip D. Allen
  • Mr. James N. Hauslein
  • Ms. Martha R. Ingram
  • Charlotte and Tucker Johnson
  • Gretchen and James L. Johnson
  • Margaret and Per G.H. Lofberg
  • Ms. Ruth Mead (Nelson Mead Fund)
  • Jeanne and Whitney P. Pidot
  • Mr. David V. Smalley
  • Catherine and Lee J. Styslinger, Jr.


  • Linda and Willard S. Boothby
  • Mary Ann and Harry Charlston
  • Maura and Joseph Collins
  • Eleanor L. and C. Barrows Hall
  • Susan and William Lester
  • Valerie and Peter J. McNeely
  • Consuelo and Seth Pierrepont
  • Ms. Deborah C. Robbins
  • Caroline and John Rutherfurd, Jr.
  • Martine and Emmet Smith