Olympic Development Program

ODP Invitation Criteria

ODP Training Camp & Travel Team Invitation Criteria

Participation in an ODP Training Camp or Travel Team will be determined by invitation. Being invited to one camp does not insure participation in subsequent camps.

The ODP Staff uses the classes’ existing calendar to reach new talent.  Please make yourself known at one of the evaluation events, and reach out to the ODP staff with your training plan.  Sailors involved with the ODP must meet the following criteria.

Have a High Skill Level:
  • Currently top of the Youth Worlds Classes
High Fitness Level:
  • Have an existing fitness program
High Commitment Level:
  • Passionate about the sport
  • Personally driven


The regattas chosen as “Evaluation Events” for the 2018 Calendar are below. 

Evaluation events are your chance as a new athlete to be seen by the ODP staff.  It is important to perform well at these events and to reach out to the ODP Coach present.

  • 29er Midwinters East
  • Laser Midwinters West
  • I420 North Americans
  • RSX Calema Midwinters
  • (Nacra and RSX) Ocean Bowl
  • (Radial, I420, 29er) Orange Bowl
  • The Leiter Cup

See the ODP Master Schedule for event details.

The US Sailing staff member responsible for managing athlete invitations to the ODP Camps and Travel Teams is Leandro Spina, the Olympic Development Director.

For General ODP Questions: ODP@ussailing.org
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Girls’ Skiff Camp Selection Criteria

The goal of the Girls’ Skiff Camps is to improve the level of female skiff sailing in the United States.

The camps will be geared towards girls currently in the skiff (29er or FX depending) with an existing plan to train and compete throughout the year. It is not limited to all-female teams, but a female must be in each boat.  The sailor to coach ratio will be kept low to increase the effectiveness of the camp.

Girls new to the skiff and interested in improving are encouraged to reach out to ODP staff prior for the possibility of being an observer one of the days.  For those that have never been in a skiff and are looking to try-it-out they should contact Richard Feeny and plan to attend a try-it-out clinic, or their local regional skiff program.