Mixed Two Person Offshore Keelboat 2024

Thank you for your interest in the new Olympic Mixed Offshore Double-handed event and the US Sailing Team’s focus on this exciting discipline at the 2024 Olympic Games. As this new Olympic event is evolving, details and plans are in development and regularly updated by both World Sailing and US Sailing.

Nov 9, 2020 UPDATE:

  • At the 2020 World Sailing Conference, Submission 030-20 was the subject of much discussion. It defines the equipment criteria and sets out the process for selecting the equipment for the Mixed Two Person Keelboat Offshore Event at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Three Committees had recommended its approval, and Council voted to approve it.

  • In recognition that this new discipline needs organization, World Sailing’s Offshore Committee proposed that “World Sailing recognize a partnership between World Sailing and the Offshore Doubles Association to promote the Event and, more broadly, the discipline of double handed offshore racing.” More information about the Offshore Doubles Association can be found HERE.

  • Any boat that holds a current USA-issued ORC certificate may apply for an ORC Double Handed certificate at no additional cost. For information and more details please contact offshore@ussailing.org

Our next update is planned for December 2020, after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) meets to confirm 2024 Olympic Games slate of events, thereby confirming the Mixed Offshore event.

  • After confirmation, US Sailing will announce how Mixed Offshore teams can be selected to the US Sailing Team.
    • US Sailing's Selection Committee will create selection procedures once we have more information about the Mixed Offshore events scheduled in 2021 and confirmation of the 2021 World Championship.