Niantic Jeffrey Embraces Maritime Lineage

Queer— A term people often use to express a spectrum of identities and orientations that are counter to the mainstream. Queer is often used as a catch-all to include many people, including those who do not identify as exclusively straight and/or folks who have non-binary or gender-expansive identities. This term was previously used as a slur, but has been reclaimed by many parts of the LGBTQ+ movement. – Human Rights Campaign

Age/name/years on the water/location
Niantic Jeffrey, I’m a newly certified sailor but have been on the water all of my life. I’m currently in San Miguel de Allende MX

What was the first boat you ever sailed? what was the experience like?
A sunfish on Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis MN

What about your first race? what kind of boat did you sail, what was the experience like?
I’ve never been in a boat race.

What made you fall in love with sailing?
I’m going to say that sailing is in my blood. My ancestors built and sailed the whaling vessel eponymously name after my tribe, The Niantic. It’s credited with being the first passenger/cargo ship, sailing from Connecticut down the coast and, two years later, ending up in San Francisco where it was turned into a hotel. There’s an historical marker there today. Niantic Labs, of Pokemon Go fame, took its name from that ship.

What are you currently doing within the sport? ie teaching, cruising the world, racing etc. Tell us about your current/ planned adventure.
I’m new to the sailing world but this, the last mission of my life, I’m dedicating to the reclamation and restoration of my ancestral maritime lineage and name. I’d like to circumnavigate with other older women, teaching and supporting oceanic conservancy and women in sailing globally.

What is/was your favorite boat to sail on, and why?
I have never met a catamaran I didn’t like.

What is your biggest achievement in sailing? This can be anything from buying a boat, to rebuilding the engine to first major race/cruise.
My 101 sailing certificate.

What would you like to tell inexperienced/younger sailors or someone on the fence with trying?
I am an inexperienced sailor and I would say you are never too old to live your dreams.

Whats something you would like to impart on veteran sailors?
Invite more diverse “wanna be” sailors onboard and empower them by teaching them the therapeutic power of sailing.

What do you like to do when ashore and not working on sailing things? ie biking, cooking, scrapbooking, gardening etc.
I enjoy the arts, biking, bucket list travel and communing with nature, my religion, in every way.

How do you identify? Anything else you would like others to know about you? Website/FB link to share? An interesting fact about you?
I identify as cis gendered female, queer, elder, queen, evolutionary.