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2021 Youth Opportunities

The US Sailing Match Racing Committee is actively working on ways to get the more advanced 16-24 year old U.S. sailors into match racing.

Match racing makes sailors better…better at keelboat boat handling and making a keelboat go fast, better at making tactical and
strategic decisions under pressure, better at the rules, and better at communicating on a team.
And it is a great way to transition into keelboat racing where much of adult racing is done.

Three Good Resources:

The US Sailing Match Racing webpage

Here you’ll find tons of useful information on match racing including links to the master calendar, resources for how to match race better and how to organize your team and funding, a free DVD about match racing, news and much more.

The Dial Up  (You can also link to it through the US Sailing Match Racing page)

This is the link to our free e-newsletter which we have been sending out about once a month or so. Be sure to sign up for it. It contains the latest calendar of regattas and clinics, racing tips, links to useful videos, insights from the umpires and race committees, and current news.

Why & How to Get Involved in Match Racing

This excellent document tells you everything you need to know to put together a team and enter some match racing events, and get on your way to building your World Sailing ranking.

On the US Sailing Match Racing webpage and in The Dial Up you will find the 2021 Master Calendar of all the Regattas and Clinics in North America in 2021, with contact information on each.

  • There are 7 Qualifier events for the U.S. Match Racing Championships (USMRC) between April 17 and June 26 around the U.S. You are encouraged to apply to the ones you can attend (you must be invited – act on this right away!). Some have clinics beforehand. Those will be especially beneficial to you. The 2021 USMRC will be October 1-3 at the Long Beach Yacht Club in Long Beach, CA in Catalina 37’s.
  • Women can skipper in all the USMRC Qualifiers. So any woman interested in match racing should definitely apply to some of the Qualifiers!  This will help your resume when you apply for an invitation to the 2021 U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship (USWMRC), which is August 19-22, 2021 at the San Diego Yacht Club in San Diego, CA in J-22s.
  • Look for some "getting women into match racing" clinics and regattas in 2021 (dates to be announced in The Dial Up and under “Women’s Match Racing” on the US Sailing Match Racing webpage).
  • The Intercollegiate Sailing Association has a match racing national championship, with Clinics and Qualifiers in the Fall. Discuss this with your coach if you are a college sailor, or a prospective college sailor.

Some Youth Match Racing Opportunities in 2021…This is a work in progress, and not a complete list of every event in 2021

Check the master calendars on the US Sailing Match Racing webpage or in The Dial Up for the most complete and current information.

Be aware that you must request an invitation to most of these events, and there are deadlines!

May 7-9

North U Match Racing Clinic and Regatta
Bayview Yacht Club, Detroit, MI – Ultimate 20s
Contact: Lance Smotherman at:

May 22-23

Long Beach Yacht Club Dickson Junior Match Race Invitational
Long Beach, CA – Solings
Contact: David Stotler at:

June 23-27

The U.S. Youth Match Racing Championship for the Rose Cup (16-20 yrs old in 2021)
Rochester Yacht Club, Rochester, NY in Sonars
must Request an Invitation by April 9, 2021 Go to:
US Sailing>Competition>Youth>US Sailing Championships>USYMRC

July 26-31

The Governor's Cup (under 23 before July 31, 2021)
Balboa Yacht Club, Corona del Mar, California in Governor's Cup 22
must Request an Invitation by April 9, 2021 Go to:
Contact: Becky Lenhart at:

August 9-14

The Youth Match Racing World Championship (under 23 in 2021)
Balboa Yacht Club, Corona del Mar, California in Governor's Cup 22
must Request an Invitation by May 1, 2021