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Clubs and Sailing Centers

Clubs and Sailing Centers dedicated to running Match Racing events in North America

(in sort of a geographic order)

NOTE : there are undoubtedly more; if you know of any, please pass along their name and contact information to Dave Perry at: Also let Dave know your club/center’s preferred contact person, any corrections needed to this list, and if you wish to be removed from this list.

US Sailing Center Sheboygan (Sheboygan, WI)  (Sonar)

Jason Bemis (

Juliana Senfft (

Chicago Yacht Club (Chicago, Illinois)  (Sonar)

Skip Dieball (

Ray Groble (

Bayview Yacht Club (Detroit, MI)  (Ultimate 20)

Lance Smotherman (

National Yacht Club (Toronto, Canada)  (J/22)

Magnus Sandberg (

Chris Clarke (

Royal Canadian Yacht Club (Toronto, Canada)   (Sonar)

Lance Fraser (

Jenny Farrand (

Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron (Halifax, Canada)  (J/22)

Peter Wickwire (

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (Vancouver, Canada)

Rick Hatch (

Pacific Northwest (Seattle, WA)

Beck Henderer-Pena (

Rochester Yacht Club (Rochester, NY)  (Sonar)

Doc Sullivan (

New York Yacht Club (Newport, RI)   (Sonar)

Beth Duggan (

Lynn Lynch (

Sail Newport (Newport, RI)   (J/22)

Brad Read  (

Kim Hapgood  (

Larchmont Yacht Club (Larchmont, NY) (Ideal 18)

Cynthia Parthemos (

Oakcliff Sailing (Oyster Bay, NY)  (Match 40)

Dawn Riley (

Patrick Burks (

Pequot Yacht Club (Southport, CT) (Ideal 18)

Peter Bailey (

Seawanhaka Yacht Club (Oyster Bay, NY)   (Sonar)

Bruce Cook  (

Eric Johnson (

JP Blaise (

Annapolis Match Race Center (Annapolis, MD) (J/80 & J/22)

Jeff Borland  (

Linda Ambrose (

Bill Simon (

Annapolis Yacht Club (Annapolis, MD)  (J/22)

(see Annapolis Match Race Center)

Downtown Sailing Center (Baltimore, MD) (J/22)

Stuart Proctor (

John O'Riordan (

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club (Bermuda)  (IOD)

Peter Shrubb (

College of Charleston (Charleston, SC)  (J/22)

Ward Cromwell (

St. Petersburg Yacht Club (St. Petersburg, FL)   (J/70)

Shawn Macking (

St. Thomas Yacht Club (St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands)   (IC 24)

Bill Canfield  (

Henry Menin  (

Southern Yacht Club (New Orleans, LA)   (J/22 & Flying Scots)

Katy Pilley-Lovell (

Ft Worth Boat Club (Fort Worth, TX)   (J/22)

Kim Chaumont (

Scott Lindley (

Texas Corinthian Yacht Club (Houston, TX) (Sonar)

Coco Solsvig (

Galveston Community Sailing Center (Galveston, TX)  (Sonar)

Gerard Coleman (

Mike Janota (

San Diego Yacht Club (San Diego, CA)   (J/22)

John Reiter (

Summer Greene (

Balboa Yacht Club (Corona Del Mar, CA)   (Governor’s Cup 22)

Mike Pinckney (

Andy Rose (

Don Becker (

Becky Lenhart (

Long Beach Yacht Club (Long Beach, CA)   (Catalina 37 & Soling)

Kirk Brown  (

David Stotler (

Randy Smith (

Wally Gordon (

King Harbor Yacht Club (Redondo Beach, CA)   (Martin 242)

Brian Angel  (

Steve Natvig (

St Francis Yacht Club (San Francisco, CA)  (J/22)

Bruce Stone (

Race Office (

Nicole Breault (

San Francisco Yacht Club

Abby Featherstone (

Forrest Gay (

Additional names of friends of match racing…

CYA – Paddy Boyd, Andrew Alberti

ICSA – Mitch Brindley, Alice Manard Leonard, Janel Zarkowsky

US SAILING – Betsy Alison

USVI – Bill Canfield- and race management support

WIMRA – Liz Baylis

Peter Bailey - US Event Grading Coordinator

Taylor Canfield – world class competitor

Bruce Cook – Umpire Support

Dobbs Davis – Media Support

Bill Gladstone – North U

Bridget Groble - Women's Match Racing Support

Dave Perry – US Youth Match Racing Championship & The Dial Up point person

Pearson Potts -winner 2018 USMRC and 2019 USMRC, Chair US Match Racing Committee

Kris Scheppe - Disabled Sailor Match Racing Support

Bill Simon - US Match Racing Championship Committee Chairman, race management support point person

Scott Spaeth - YRUGL

Ted Weisberg - MRA