Team Members

Lara Dallman-Weiss, Crew

Nikki Barnes, Skipper

*Tokyo 2020 Olympic Team Members

Nikki and Lara paired up in April 2018 after sailing in a crew clinic in Miami hosted by the US Sailing Team and Olympic Development Program.  The two had sailed together a little beforehand and their reconnection felt right instantly. Nikki grew up in the islands and went to Military school at the Coast Guard Academy, while Lara grew up as a very structured high school athlete and transitioned to a laidback university on the beach, Eckerd College. Their mix of experiences and the unique offsetting balance of their backgrounds give their campaign a healthy and strong equilibrium. Both also grew up with dancing backgrounds which helps them find their rhythm in the boat.  The decision to sail together was easy and the pair have been focused and working hard in their campaign for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Sailing Achievements:

7th, 470 World Championships, (Vilamoura, POR), 2021
11th, Hempel World Cup Series Miami, (Florida, USA), 2020
15th, Hempel World Cup Series Enoshima (Enoshima, JPN), 2019
15th, Ready Steady Tokyo – Sailing, Olympic Test Event, (Enoshima, JPN), 2019
31st, 470 World Championships, (Enoshima, JPN), 2019