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Olympic Medalist Circle

There is no government funding for Olympic sports in the USA. It’s up to us, the American sailing community, to provide our athletes with a performance program that will prepare them to compete against the most talented, well-funded sailors in the world.

The Medalist Circle is the backbone of the US Olympic Sailing Program and your support is invested in a proprietary performance system that will give our athletes the advantages needed to win top honors at the Olympic Games.

  • High-performance youth development
  • R & D for technological advantages
  • Training facilities strategically located around the country
  • Program-provided boats
  • Top level, full-time coaching for all classes
  • Athlete living wages, career training, and job placement opportunities
To learn more about joining the Olympic Medalist Circle, contact:
Jill Nosach - Chief Development Officer
Email: jillnosach@ussailingfoundation.org  |   phone: (401) 752-9689