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Join the US Sailing Foundation Afterguard

Over a 3-5 year period, the USSF Afterguard contributions will be strategically invested in five key areas selected to achieve the greatest return on investment and the widest impact on our sport:

  • A new national youth sailing model presents youth with the right challenges at the right time and builds skills progressively over time along newly defined sailing pathways.
  • Digital education platforms align with today’s technology to bring US Sailing Training and Education Programs to a far wider audience with instant access to best practices n sailing instruction from any location.
  • A professionalized system for high-performance sailors and Olympic contenders develops advanced skills required for successful competition at the international level.
  • New communications platforms connect sailors with the resources, information and experiences that are relevant to their interests.
  • Tools and communications that help newcomers access sailing and stay engaged.

Afterguard resources will be directed to each of these five initiatives and allocated among them based on the level of funding required to move each initiative forward and toward completion within 3-5 years (2017-2021)

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