Training and Education

A lifetime on the water is a lifetime spent learning new skills. US Sailing’s commitment to the highest standards in training and education means that all sailors can start by building solid fundamental skills, progressively advance their skill-set and ultimately fine-tune advanced practices to master the time-honored principles of true seamanship.


An Innovative Youth Sailing Model

The growing focus on intense competition in youth sailing has parents, sailing instructors and program directors looking to US Sailing for a different approach. They’ve seen too many kids burn out and drop out, and they’re not alone. This concern exists in almost every youth sport. Today, US Sailing is developing an innovative framework for Youth Sailing modeled after successful youth programs adapted by other National Governing Bodies for Sports. This large-scale collaboration includes other NGBs, the US Olympic Committee as well as leaders from our Olympic Sailing, Youth Sailing and Education Departments. Our mission is to create lifetime sailors: well-rounded and skilled, who can adapt to sail any kind-of boat, in any conditions, at every level and age.

Core Youth Sailing Principles

  • Create opportunity for more youth to start sailing
  • Developmentally appropriate training that emphasizes foundational skills
  • Multi-discipline participation
  • Fun, engaging and progressively challenging education
  • High-caliber coaching and uniform standards for all age levels

Digital Education Platforms

Instant Access from any Location

To deliver relevant, effective learning experiences for new and existing sailors, US Sailing must accelerate the development of its online educational platforms and digital, mobile optimized course materials/resources for instructors and students. Our investment in video instruction and interactive platforms will allow widespread and instant access to best practices in sailing instruction from any location.

Online Safety Education is in development. Today, US Sailing’s Safety at Sea program, the gold standard in safety training, prepares 2,700 sailors each year for unexpected dangers. Our new online interactive program has the potential to prepare exponentially more sailors for on-the-water challenges as well as provide guidance on reliable safety equipment.


The US Sailing Foundation is the fundraising entity supporting US Sailing programs, initiatives and services through donor investment. As a separate but related 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, contributions are 100% tax deductible.