US Sailing Foundation

Current Priorities

Olympics – US Sailing Team/Project Pinnacle

You can help make Olympic dreams come true!

By contributing to Project Pinnacle, you’ll build a path to the podium for America’s best sailors. This holistic program covers it all: from the best training and equipment to nutrition, meteorology, and physical and mental fitness.

You’ll help provide world-class coaching to promising young sailors in high-performance classes; support travel teams as they compete around the world in preparation for the ultimate challenge; and strengthen training camps where the top sailors can further hone their skills. You’ll ensure that the athletes learn skills like preparation, adaptability, and perseverance that will serve them in international competition and for the rest of their lives. Support your Olympic athletes today.


The Schoonmaker Endowment

You can honor Ding Schoonmaker’s legacy and support future Olympians.

The Florida-based Schoonmaker Foundation has pledged $5 million over the next five years to the US Sailing Foundation to create the James M. “Ding” Schoonmaker II Project Pinnacle Endowment Fund.

An additional $2.5 million challenge fund gives individual donors, businesses, and foundations the opportunity to have their gifts matched dollar-for-dollar. Together with this public support, the Endowment will reach a total of $10 million to support US Sailing’s Olympic programs.

This transformative gift was made in memory of World Champion and National Sailing Hall of Famer, James M. “Ding” Schoonmaker, who passed away in January 2021 at the age of 87.

The Schoonmaker Endowment Fund will propel US Sailing’s Olympic program, Project Pinnacle, forward. This ambitious program supports U.S. athletes in their quest to regain and sustain preeminence in Olympic sailing. Through laser-focused activities that address every aspect of competitive coaching, training and equipment, Project Pinnacle will bring American athletes back to the podium and build a pipeline of future champions.

Support the Schoonmaker Endowment and your gift will be matched!



The Siebel Sailors Program for Youth

You can be part of a movement to build the next generation of sailors! Launched in 2019, the Siebel Sailors program works with community-based sailing organizations across the country to introduce underrepresented youth to the sport.

Siebel Sailors isn’t your typical learn-to-sail program. It provides a holistic experience for sailing centers, parents, and youth alike. By intentionally combining a welcoming environment, emotional development practices, adaptable skill progression, and the highest standard of safety, diverse kids can get on the water, learn in a nurturing environment, and become dedicated lifelong sailors.




To learn more about any of these initiatives or for more information about transformative gift opportunities, please contact us at or 401-342-7900.