Current Initiatives

Impact Tokyo 2020

Investment In Olympic Sailing

The game has changed, yet US Olympic Sailing has not kept pace. Top sailing nations have implemented a professional sports model, complete with paid athletes, dedicated training facilities, program provided boats and full-time professional coaching. Almost without exception, their athletes and programs receive substantial funding from their governments.

There is no government funding for Olympic sports in the USA. It’s up to us, the American sailing community, to provide our athletes with a performance program that will prepare them to compete against the most talented, well-funded sailors in the world.

The US Olympic Sailing Program is building a proprietary performance system that will give our athletes the advantages needed to win top honors at the Olympic Games.

  • High-performance youth development
  • R & D for technological advantages
  • Training facilities strategically located around the country
  • Program-provided boats
  • Top level, full-time coaching for all classes
  • Athlete living wages, career training, and job placement opportunities