Current Initiatives

Squaring the Pyramid

The Pyramid: 

The traditional model for sports that starts with a wide base of new participants that quickly narrows as they get older until only a small fraction of elite competitors climb to the top of the pyramid.

What about everyone else?

US Sailing is on a mission to Square the Pyramid and provide all young sailors with the skills to become confident, adaptable lifetime sailors.

We believe . . .

  • It starts with fun, age appropriate training
  • Taught by well-prepared and enthusiastic instructors
  • Empowered with the latest technology
  • Guided by consistently high curriculum standards at every level
  • That offers progressively advanced challenges at the appropriate developmental age
  • In a variety of sailing disciplines and boats

With your support for our Squaring the Pyramid initiative, we're building a fundamentally new approach to youth sailing that will develop lifetime skills for all types of sailing and all kinds of sailors.