Tony Rey

Tony Rey

Position: Director

Term: 2020-2023

Hometown: Newport, Rhode Island

Education: B.A. Connecticut College ‘90

An Interview with Tony Rey

  1. Why do you want to be a member of US Sailing’s Board of Directors? I want to give a little of my time, and hopefully my insight, back to our beautiful sport. It’s pretty cool to have a seat at the table and be a positive voice in the conversation about where sailing can go in the future.
  2. How have US Sailing’s programs and services impacted your overall sailing experience? From the moment I did my first race at age 8, US Sailing (and its ancestor, USYRU) has been responsible for race format, education of race committees and judges, RRS, offshore handicapping, safety at sea, Olympic sailing, &, etc. I had no idea, how much US Sailing’s services truly impacted my sailing until I joined the Board and had a chance to meet some of the good folks who work at HQ in Bristol, to hear firsthand about the details of their programs, and see the creative energy they put to their tasks. It’s a cool group of fellow sailors working away for our best interests.
  3. Is it important for sailors to be members of US Sailing? Our sport is blessed to have such a unique and supportive community of athletes and volunteers. US Sailing is the tent over the top of this crazy circus of passionate sailors. Beyond the myriad of discounts and sweet deals you get through your membership from vendors who support US Sailing, of course we should be members and support our wonderful circus!


Tony grew up racing and sailing in Larchmont, NY, crewing on IOR boats in the area and racing dinghies year-round. He was a college All American and winner of the 1990 Hobbs Sportsmanship Award. Since college he has lived in Newport, Rhode Island and built a successful career racing and coaching at the highest levels in the sport; including 3 Americas Cup campaigns (2000, 2003, 2007), US Sailing Team coach (Athens 2004), and competing and winning internationally in regattas in a variety of classes from J70s to TP52s to Superyachts. Currently, Tony organizes race charters for some of the more prestigious regattas in the world through his company Cloud10 Racing and is the director of Doyle Sails Newport.

Statement from Tony Rey

As a pro sailor, I have always believed in being a ‘player/coach’, to help everyone on board get better, including myself. Racing sailboats well is an endless pursuit of perfection, and the fun is in striving to make new mistakes each race, instead of making the same old ones again! As a pro sailor on the Board, I hope to influence the pro sailing culture to be as much about learning and improving as winning, so we can help grow the sport that has given us so much.

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