Briana Provancha

Briana Provancha

Position: Director – Sailor Athlete

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Education: Boston College

An Interview with Briana Provancha

  1. Why do you want to be a member of US Sailing’s Board of Directors?

I am excited about the opportunity to serve our sport and give back to a community that has made such a positive impact on my life. As an avid racer and Olympian, I believe sailing is one of the best sports because of the life-long opportunities to race, engage and build friendships within our sport’s community. As a member of US Sailing’s Board of Directors and the Sailor Athlete Council, I hope to contribute meaningfully to enrich the lives of others through the sport of sailing.

  1. How can community sailing centers, yacht clubs and other sailing organizations collaborate with each other more on key initiatives to grow sailing?

I believe it’s important for sailing centers, yacht clubs and other sailing organizations to share in the success of sailors and work together to recognize regional and state accomplishments within the sport. Local area yacht clubs should be actively communicating and organizing opportunities to promote sailing within their area.

  1. How can these organizations and other sailing industries integrate with their local communities to provide more awareness for prospective new sailors?

Engaging local organizations outside of sailing and creating partnerships can be an effective way to integrate with your community to increase awareness and consideration within a new audience. Encouraging young sailors to get involved in the leadership side of the sport as early as possible is important as they are the foundation for the future of our sport and can help influence others.

  1. How have US Sailing’s programs and services impacted your overall sailing experience?

US Sailing has been instrumental in providing a pathway for me as I have progressed through sport. It’s been an honor to represent my country at several World and European Championships over the past fifteen years. The sailing experiences I’ve had would not have been possible without the programs and services of US Sailing, as well as the many people and volunteers who work hard to advance our sport. To each race committee, jury member and parent volunteer who has encouraged me and taught me important values of integrity and responsibility over the years – thank you!

  1. Is it important for sailors to be members of US Sailing? 

Absolutely! If you are passionate about sailing and enjoy the community within our sport, I encourage you to support your national governing body and the athletes who represent our country.  I take pride in the efforts of US Sailing to progress our sport, and it warms my heart to think about the number of sailors and youth throughout our country who are touched by US Sailing programs and services through my membership and support.


My love for the sport began with Sabots on Mission Bay in San Diego, California, and this passion grew exponentially as I made friends within the sailing community. As a youth sailor, I primarily raced 420s, FJs, and 29ers – however you could also find me sailing Lasers, Snipes, Capri 14s, and Santana 20s. As a youth passionate about our sport, I also sat on Junior Boards at Mission Bay Yacht Club and Southwestern Yacht Club. Later, I competed for Boston College where I enjoyed being part of a larger team working towards a common goal. While at BC, I welcomed competing in a variety of roles, and my proudest accomplishment with the Eagles was winning the 2012 Women’s Nationals as the B Division skipper. I realized there was more I wanted to give to the sport, so I spent four years after graduation pursuing the 2016 Olympics in the 470 class. Since representing the United States at the Olympics, I’ve enjoyed coaching and mentoring the next generation of youth sailors, competing in the Melges 20 and J70 classes, and spending time with friends at sailing centers and yacht clubs.

Statement from Briana Provancha

I am extremely honored to be nominated for a position on the Board of Directors as a representative of the Sailor Athlete Council. It excites me that US Sailing is providing opportunities for younger, active racers in the management of our sport. I look forward to connecting with athletes across the many verticals in sailing to learn how we can further enrich our racing community and making a positive contribution to the mission of US Sailing.

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