John Craig

Friday, 17 January 2014 /

: Director

: San Rafael, CA

: University of British Columbia, BS; National Coaching Institute, DP


John began as a Provincial Coach for British Columbia Sailing with a special interest in junior program development. He now works with international sailors at the highest level. That career path yields a broad perspective, and he is familiar with every level of our sport, all the things that make us who we are. There is no more important mission for US SAILING than to engage American sailors.

For ten years John has been race manager at St. Francis Yacht Club, which operates an aggressive and innovative program on San Francisco Bay, from basic Opti training to world championships for Stars, Melges 24s, and the like. The program has recently launched a junior windsurfing team, and has developed kite course racing, from an experiment to an ISAF-recognized sport. We are not afraid to reach out. Part of John’s work is on the water, but most of it is ashore, interacting with sailors, class officers, and other clubs. He has long attended ISAF meetings as an observer and knows the landscape.

Words from our Board Member

The national governing body should be a leader and facilitator. US SAILING should help identify and achieve goals in each region; overcoming a shortage of certified judges and race officers in Area G is an example close to my heart, and you probably have examples of your own. Why is there no forum for the officers of clubs, and their professionals, to get together? These are steps toward regaining a focus on club-based programs, reaching down to the bedrock of the sport even as we continue to support the new direction of US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics, preparing Olympians for 2012.