Safety Reports

US Sailing has conducted several independent reviews of sailing accidents, including the 2012 Crewed Farallones Race and the 2012 Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race. Most of these reviews come at the request of the U.S. Coast Guard.

These reviews conducted by panelists assembled from US Sailing’s Safety at Sea Committee have improved safety guidelines for racing, communication between sailors and race organizers, and training for race officials running offshore races.

Access the Latest Reports from US Sailing:

2015 USNASS “The Helmsman” Lessons Learned: Broken Shroud in 40 Knot Squall; Sinking; Offshore Passage Making; Sailing In a Narrow Channel with Commercial Traffic in a Squall

2014 Dyneema Spectra Lifeline Article

2013 Islands Race Report

2012 Newport to Ensenada Report

2012 Dinghy Sailor Capsize Entrapment, Recovery & Retrieval Report

2012 Farallones Race Report

2011 Chicago Yacht Club to Mackinac Island Report

2011 Severn Sailing Association Report

2011 Rambler 100 report

2010 Life Sling Update

2007 Preamble & High Speed Rescue Difficulties VOR Report

2007_Radar_Preamble & 2007 Radar Reflector Test

2005 Crew Overboard Symposium

2002 Electricity Along The Shore

2000 Harbor Ladders

1999 Harness & Tether Study

1999 Running a Lifesling Clinic

1998 Sydney to Hobart Race Coroners Report

1998 USNA Radar Target Enhancer

1998 Pulpit Pushpit Lifeline Study

1998 Lake Michigan Crew Over Board Study

1998 LMSRF Overboard Studies Statistics

1996 Overboard Light Study

1995 Radar Reflector Test

1995 Puget Sound Anchor Study

1994 San Francisco Anchor Tests

1994 Life Raft Test

1994 Rope to Chain Splice Test

1991 Life Raft Test

1990 San Francisco Mud Anchor Test Part 1 Results Part 2 Data

1990 Sand Anchor Test

1986 Man Overboard Study

Safety Tips

Lifesling Case History

Lifesling Statistics

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