US Sailing takes the lead in researching best practices in safety procedures, protocol and equipment. Our Safety at Sea experts set high standards for the most authoritative and proven methods for keeping sailors safe while they enjoy the sport. Countless hours of research conducted by our dedicated volunteers has allowed US Sailing to provide instructional materials, publications, courses and seminars that are made available for all interested sailors. These educational opportunities include our widely popular Safety at Sea Seminars.

Safety at Sea

US Sailing offers three distinct Safety at Sea Seminars aimed at preparing sailors for offshore sailing conditions.

  • NEW Half-Day Coastal Safety at Sea Seminar in support of coastal races and cruising.
  • One-Day Offshore Safety at Sea Seminars for participants in ocean races and long coastal races.
  • Two-Day Offshore Safety at Sea Seminars feature hands-on training with safety gear.

Safety Research and Analysis

US Sailing’s Safety at Sea Committee has conducted several independent reviews of sailing accidents over the years. These archived safety reports have been used to provide the latest updates and recommendations for best practices in safety equipment, rescue procedures and emergency planning. Safety reports archive

ISAF Offshore Special Regulations

US Sailing Safety at Sea Committee reviews and makes recommendations for changes to the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations, including US Sailing Prescriptions. US Sailing conducted an overhaul of ISAF’s Offshore Special Regulations to tailor them for use in the U.S. They are now more user-friendly and more widely used.