Match Racing

Made popular by the America’s Cup, match racing pits one boat against another around a short two-lap windward/leeward course. This race format emphasizes the need for great boat speed, strong boat handling, teamwork and communication. Match racing will improve all aspects of your sailing, specifically your time-on-distance skills, starting line positioning, understanding of the rules, short course strategy and boat-on-boat tactics. Additionally, the tournament-style format makes it fun by maximizing the number of races per day.

The new Match Racing Rules for 2017-2020 (same as the 2016 Test Rules for Match Racing)

The 2016 Test Rules for Match Racing are now printed unchanged in Appendix C (Match Racing) of the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing.

Though the documents and YouTube video refer to the “2016 Test Rules for Match Racing”, they are now the actual rules in Appendix C.

  • To read Dave Perry’s Study Guide for the 2017-2020 Match Racing rules, click here
  • To watch Dave Perry’s explanation of the 2017-2020 Match Racing rules on YouTube, click here


The Dial Up

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Match Racing News & Rankings


Christophe Killian and team en route to winning the 2016 grade 2 Oakcliff International Photo credit: Oakcliff Sailing

Christophe Killian Becomes New Number One U.S. Match Racer

Two U.S. Youth Teams to Compete in 2016 Youth Match Racing World Championship

NEW! Clagett/Oakcliff Match Race

The State of Match Racing in North America

Notice of Qualifying Series for 2016 U.S. Match Racing Championship

Notice of Qualifying Series for the 2016 U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship

Dave Perry Becomes Five-Time U.S. Match Racing Champion

Team Breault Wins U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship

Killian, Balboa Yacht Club Capture Second Rose Cup

North U Youth Match Racing Clinics Helping to Grow the Sport

Youth Sailors Brought Into the Huddle by Long Beach Yacht Club

Match Racing Information

Promoting Match Racing

Explanation of Match Racing, provided by Long Beach Yacht Club

Guide to Match Racing

Match Racing is a Great Bridge from Youth to Adult Sailing

Welcome to Match Racing DVD

Getting Started in Match Racing

Why & How to Get Involved in Match Racing

Welcome to Match Racing DVD

Running a Match Race or Event

Running Efficient Match Racing Events by Donald Wilson

ISAF International Umpires & Match Racing Manual

ISAF Umpire Library

ISAF Race Management Manual (see Section T for Match Racing)

Match Racing Timer Worksheet

Event Grading

Umpiring a Match Race

How do I become an umpire? US Sailing’s Umpire Program

How to Find an Umpire Find an Umpire

ISAF Umpire Library

ISAF Match Racing Call Book

ISAF International Umpires’ and Match Racing Manual

ISAF Rapid Response Calls

ISAF Standard Match Racing NOR and SI, and Match Race Management Policies

Match Racing Tips and Resources

Why & How to Get Involved in Match Racing

Welcome to Match Racing DVD

Racing Rules of Sailing, Appendix C – Match Racing

ISAF Match Racing Call Book

ISAF Rapid Response Calls

Books and CD’s and other useful resources:

Coaching Papers:

World Match Racing Tour Video Gallery

Other useful Match racing websites:

Dave Perry’s notes on match racing these boats:

Events and Championships and Clinics

Youth Match Racing

2017 Youth Opportunities

2012-16 Rose Cup

2017 U.S. Youth Match Racing Championship for the Rose Cup

World Sailing Youth Match Racing World Championship


Womens Match Racing

2015 ISAF Women’s Match Racing Worlds Notice Of Race Released

Womens International Match Racing Association (WIMRA)

Women’s International Match Racing Series

US Womens Match Racing Championship (Mertz Trophy)

ISAF Womens Match Racing Championship

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