Housing and Transportation at US Sailing events

At most U.S. National Championships, it is normal practice to provide housing for competitors, judges, US Sailing coaches, the charter boat representative (if any) and officials in club members’ homes and to provide water and lunches for the above during the series. Breakfasts can be provided either at the facility or at the hosts’ homes. 

Clicking on the hyperlinks below will enable you to download templates to use for your championship.

Unless you are very keen on answering lots and lots of e-mails, a welcome letter that can be posted on the championship’s website or downloaded from the registration site is a great tool. In it you can provide helpful information so the competitors can make their travel arrangements.

For Junior or Youth Events, you will need to ensure that the housing form (and alternate housing forms if offered) are signed by a parent or guardian.  It’s important that parents know where their kids are staying and if they are in alternate housing, have signed off on their chaperon.  That person will be in loco parentis during the regatta.

For Junior Events, be sure to inform parents of the transportation arrangements to and from the regatta along with a contact name and cell phone number before the sailors leave home. Flights can and do get delayed and the sailor will need to let someone know.

It is also important to plan for a communication plan in the event that weather shortens the day.

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