Regatta Housing

Maintaining a safe environment should be everyone’s first priority.  The first step is to solicit host families and see how many beds they have as well as what pets. This way you can match people up with fewer problems.  Most people can manage their allergies if they know in advance but if you can avoid this all together, life is easier for all.

NOTE:   See if your state requires criminal background checks for adults working with minors in a volunteer capacity. This can apply to host family housing, but requirements vary from state to state.  You are responsible for ensuring that you meet your state’s legal requirements.

US Sailing recommends (and requires at its events) that for junior or youth events, sailors are segregated by gender in different houses, regardless of the team makeup.  Co-ed teams will have plenty of time to talk while at the venue and on their way to and from the race course.  Adults can be housed as you see fit.

When housing race officials, be considerate of the needs of these individuals.  While some might be able to sleep on board, others may need access to high speed internet each evening.

It’s a nice idea to have all the host families meet a night or two before the regatta. At this meeting, you can let people know who is staying with them, review transportation plans and the event schedule.  You can also send a letter to the host families if you prefer.   It is important to let hosts know who on your committee to contact in an emergency or if there is a discipline issue.


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