Roles and Responsibilities at US Sailing events

US Sailing Responsibility and Authority is to:

1. Provide the championship medals and perpetual trophies.
2. Provide money for clinics and/ or coaches.
3. Post all official documents on the Championship website
4. Provide the necessary releases and other documentation.
5. Work with all national sponsors to ensure sponsorship obligations are met.
6. Ensure the appropriate usage of US Sailing, sponsor and other logos.
7. Approve all printed and online documents and websites and shirt designs in conjunction with existing sponsor contracts. All designs must be approved by US Sailing three weeks prior to production.
8. Create entry form
9. Provide free online registration for all events and credit card payment facility at no cost to the host.
10. Collect entry and charter fees and sends them to the host club
11. Verify posting of Area Qualifiers on US Sailing site.
12. Provide secondary insurance coverage (primary is provided by the host).
13. Make insurance programs available to hosts, Burgee Program, Regatta Liability, Borrowed Boat, etc.
14. Provide gift for the host club.

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