The type of subcommittee(s) you will need when organizing a regatta very much depends on the size and type of regatta you are running. The list provided is by no means exhaustive and you may not need all the committees listed; this is just provided as a guideline.

  • Yacht Club Board of Director Liaison
  • Registrar
  • Race Committee Liaison
    • Establishes contact w/ PRO to provide desired staffing levels
    • Is responsible for gathering ALL the gear necessary to run these races and put it on the RC boats in advance
    • Maintains gear for RC, CJ, Mark Set, Coach, Safety boats
  • Scoring
    • Develops plan to quickly tabulate results; i.e. phoning in results from the water or posting online from the water
    • Prepares competitor list and results for RC daily before they leave the water
  • Safety/Medical – develops the Safety Plan
  • Power Boats/Safety Boats
    • Asks PRO and CJ what they need (specifically) while on the water during the event
        • What kind of boat do they prefer working from?
        • How many boats do the judges need?
    • How many dedicated RC boats?
        • Responsible to have enough proper safety boats for the event, i.e. dinghy regattas are recommended to have inflatable ribs
    • Procures and organizes schedules and personnel from Spectator and Lunch boats, ect.
    • Is responsible for the fueling and security of borrowed power boats
  • Communication/PR
    • Keeps website up to date
    • Prepares cell phone lists for PRO, CJ, Mark Set, OA, Regatta Chair, Scorer, Head Coach on a card to be given out to those who need them
    • Prepares printed materials
  • Local Weather guru
    • Prepares a local knowledge briefing for the event
    • Either delegates or assumes responsibility for making daily weather info availiable
    • Maintains a shore-site watch on quickly changing weather situations

Additional committee needs might be:

  • Food
  • Social/Entertainment
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Shore-side foreman

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