Regatta Budget for US Sailing Championships

US Sailing Championships require that preliminary budgets are received prior to April 1st of each year.

  • The first sponsorship check will come in when we receive your preliminary budget. If you are expected something to be donated in kind, just note that. It doesn’t have to be perfect but we like to make sure nothing gets forgotten.
  • The second sponsorship check arrives once your program and any give aways (shirts or bags for instance) get approved by US Sailing and its sponsors. We ask to get those designs one month before the regatta. US Sailing’s Marketing Department will manage the process of circulating those around. Summers are busy and it can take several weeks to finalize approvals.
  • The final check arrives once we’ve received confirmation that everything is either back at US Sailing or where it needs to be and – this is very important – we receive your final budget. That final budget is in turn sent to next year’s hosts.

A. Entry fee –All championships have an entry fee that goes to the host club to help defray expenses. The entry fee is pre-determined by the national committee.

B. Insurance Premiums and Damage Deposit – The borrowed/charter boat insurance premium is collected from each competitor along with the entry fee. It is suggested that the host club also collect a damage deposit in the same amount as the deductible of the insurance policy. This damage deposit should be returned to the competitor in full or in part (depending on damage) at the end of the event. Damage deposits should be collected directly by the host either by check in advance or by credit card at registration.

C. Other fees – As you plan, keep in mind that your committee may want to consider having an additional fee for non-competitors. That’s pretty common practice. Normally the clubs charge for the dinner and/or one lump sum for the whole regatta. However, we can break it down into smaller increments if you want.

The host is not expected to provide for non-competitors or others not directly connected to the regatta. The significant others, supporters, parents and coaches should be prepared and indeed by now expect to pay their own way.

D. The host club must determine what the total cost will be to run the event and be prepared to budget for these expenses. Income can be derived through member and local sponsor donations, gifts and services, as well as entry fees. It is fine to ask a sponsor or sponsors to fund an evening’s entertainment.

NOTE: Sponsorships must be approved by the US Sailing Marketing Department in advance to avoid a conflict with any national contracts.

Additional social functions organizers wish to host, i.e., cocktail parties, dinners, banquets, etc. are strongly encouraged and a wonderful way to recognize your local and national sponsors. Supporters, coaches, and host families are welcome to attend any of the events but should be asked to pay their way. Many hosts find that building a “guest package” into their online registration is a great way to manage this. Guests can elect to buy a ticket to the awards dinner and/or a package for the entire event, including lunch.


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