Online Scoring Practice & Frequently Asked Questions

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Username: US_SAILING
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(Note: both are case sensitive.)

 The event is set up as a Radial event with bow numbers and a dozen or so entries. So you can practice using full Laser numbers, abbreviated sail number (i.e. drop the first 2), or bow numbers.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using the Regatta Network scoring system along with responses to some frequently asked questions:

Can we have the alternative of entering bow numbers instead of having to scroll down and double click? This is especially slow when you have a fleet of 40 or more.

Yes. This already exists as an option. (Assuming the event has bow numbers enabled.) This would work the same as the sail number “finder” start typing the bow number and the system will automatically reduce your choice until you get to either the group or the bow number. (Were you using the sail number quick find function?) If it is a group, entering the separator (usually a “:” but with sail and bow, it may be a “/”) I’ve used the system to score the Boomerang Regatta with several hundred Opti’s with no problem and no scrolling.


Adding a penalty takes a longer time than other programs (3 clicks and two scrolls) instead of 3 clicks (the scroll takes too much time).

To add a penalty, use the number “finder” to locate the entrant, select the penalty, and hit the right arrow. 2-3 key strokes, a drop down, and a right arrow.

 One cannot finish the rest of the unscored boats at one time with a common penalty.

 Yes, you can. Select all boats by selecting the first boat, hold the CTRL key and select the last boat, Select the penalty and double click within the list (or click “Move Selected”)

 Can the Z flag 20% be standard and not have to be entered every time? There could be an exception for 40% and larger Z flag penalties.

 The programming solution is to make it an open variable. Since you can finish more than one Z flag finisher together (see above), it should be easier.

After scoring

In order to proof the results, it is helpful to look at the overall results to ensure that it looks logical. With your program, it takes 3 clicks and 2 scrolls. It would be great if there was an overall button on the individual results page.

Details for each race are available by clicking on the race number from the overall results page. (as noted at the top and bottom of the results page). It is available as the preview (with all races and throwouts shown) or from the public page.

 Results for posting

The final results when printed out do not show the place (1st, 2nd, etc.) on the left side…only on the right side. It is also helpful to have lines under each sailor’s results to make it easier to read.

 In their web form the results have a shading behind alternate lines. You have to enable this on your browser by enabling background colors and images. Instructions in doing so are part of the scoring tutorial. 

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