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US Sailing’s Performance Packages provide competitive offshore racers with the tools they need to maximize their performance on the water. Using state of the art calculation methods for the collection of measurement data, our Performance Packages are a must-have for any offshore racer interested in getting the most out of their boat in any race.

Performance Packages Facts:

  • US Sailing provides custom performance predictions for individual yachts.
  • Calculated with the accurate Offshore Racing Rule VPP
  • Utilizes ORR or IMS measurement data
  • Available for unmodified sisterships of ORR rated production yachts

Performance Packages Includes:

  • Tables of performance for wind speeds from 6 to 24 knots (available as electronic files for onboard instrumentation)
  • Polar diagrams in both True and Apparent Wind format
  • Wally analysis
  • Curve of static stability
  • Upright hydrostatic calculations
  • Instructions for use

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VPP HandyGuide

The VPP (Velocity Prediction Program) HandyGuide is an abbreviated version of the Performance Package. The HandyGuide features a laminated table of upwind and downwind targets. Calculations for each wind speed include optimum true wind angle, boat speed, apparent wind angle and speed. Order VPP HandyGuide

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