PHRF Support Service

US Sailing now offers a new PHRF Support Service designed to manage sailboat data and rating information for fleets. Participating fleets will have the ability to focus on performing their own handicapping and serving sailors, while US Sailing manages fleet information with guaranteed security and protection.

What does this service do?
US Sailing’s Support Service…

  • collects, stores and manages important PHRF fleet data;
  • provides fleet members access to their boat’s information so they can renew online, make changes or register a new boat;
  • creates, modifies, collects fees, and issues certificates;
  • allows race organizers and scorers to download handicaps efficiently through the PHRF Support Service website.

*The service is not intended to perform fleet handicapping.

Why should your fleet participate?
Many fleets manage their own sailboat database and rating information. Maintaining these databases can be an arduous process that requires fleet resources, including a full-time commitment from volunteers. US Sailing is dedicated to providing sailing organizations, such as fleets and yacht clubs, with practical resources that assist in streamlining operations.

It’s free! There are few requirements involved in getting started. Let US Sailing do the dirty work, while you do what you do best!

How does my fleet get started?

  • All US Sailing PHRF fleet members are eligible to use this service.
  • A US Sailing membership is required for individual certificate holders.
  • Fleets must provide US Sailing with essential fleet data.

For more information and answers to your questions regarding this new service, please contact US Sailing at

How does the database management service work?
1. Fleets provide their data to US Sailing.
2. US Sailing imports the information to our database.
3. US Sailing distributes annual certificate renewal notices via email.
4. Certificate holders can renew, modify or enter a new boat by logging into their “My US Sailing” member profile to access the “My PHRF Boats” information.
5. When the process is completed and payment transaction is confirmed their new certificate will be emailed to them, barring any changes. If there are changes or a new boat is registered that requires a handicapper’s review, US Sailing distributes the information to the fleet. handicapper(s). Once the handicapper approves the rating, the certificate is issued.
6. The collected fees are sent to the fleet, minimizing your credit card charges.


Stan Honey, PHRF Expert / 2010 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year
“This project is a terrific example of US Sailing’s efforts to support the large community of handicap racers around the country. It’s a great opportunity for local fleets to take advantage of US Sailing’s investment into database tools. As a long time PHRF handicap committee member, I appreciate how much effort it requires for each PHRF fleet to maintain their own database.”

Jim Walsh, Treasurer of PHRF-MA
PHRF-MA has been using the US Sailing’s PHRF Support Service  for the last two years. This service has taken away the time consuming job of tracking, printing and emailing members’ certificates from our volunteers. The response time from US Sailing to our members has been well above our expectations. Once we uploaded our database with base ratings and adjustments things  have run very smooth and now our certificates go out much faster than when we did  all the work. I would recommend this service to any PHRF fleet.”

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