2013 PHRF Handicaps Book

Benefit for members of US SAILING

Using your current membership ID and login, you have access to the “History of US PHRF Affiliated Fleet Handicaps” for 2013 sometimes called the Red/White/Blue book. This reference book is a compilation of yacht base handicaps by class from more than 60 PHRF Fleets throughout North America. Over 5000 classes are listed, with handicaps in seconds per mile by geographic area. The assumptions of the PHRF base handicaps are explicitly listed in Section 1 ~ Introduction.

The book is divided into three sections, the Introduction, Monohull base ratings, and third, Multihull base ratings.

Section 1 ~ Introduction
Section 2 2013 PHRF Handicaps
Section 3 2013 PHRF Multihull Handicaps

If you do not see your boats base rating reported by your fleet contact your PHRF Fleet representative to see if your fleet is a PHRF Fleet Member of US SAILING. PHRF Fleet membership can also be determined online with our PHRF Fleet Directory.