Rules & Highlights

Individual handicaps for different course configurations –
The ORR certificate lists ratings for five course configurations plus two courses specifically for non-spinnaker racing:

1. Closed Course – All Purpose
2. Windward 60% Leeward 40% – (Upwind finish)
3. Windward 50% Leeward 50% – (Downwind finish)
4. Offshore – All Purpose
5. Offshore – All Purpose – Non Spinnaker
6. Offshore – Mainly Downwind
7. Closed Course – All Purpose – Non Spinnaker

In addition custom course configurations, wind conditions, single number time on time, and single number time on distance options are all-available upon request. Unique courses may also be generated via the Valid List when downloading data.

Maximum Crew Weight is Now Selectable –
One designs can now compete without penalty at their class crew weight limits. Others can race with the number of crew they want – a lot, or a few – your choice. Renewed certificates will come using the AMERICAP II™ default value. Contact US SAILING offshore office if you want to change. For renewing certificate holders, this first time is free. Subsequent changes will incur a processing fee

Central Administration –
ORR ratings are universal, and are calculated and maintained by US Sailing’s Offshore Office.

Inexpensive –
ORR certificates can be easily produced for unmodified sister ships of eligible production yachts. Standardized dimensions will used in the VPP and an ORR certificate will be produced and sent to the owner within two weeks of receipt of the completed application and fee of $6.50 per foot of overall length. Other yachts can obtain ORR certificates once the yacht is measured for ORR.

Ongoing Research –
ORR has an ongoing research effort The ORR Technical Committee solicits input from racers and race organizers to evaluate and improve rule effectiveness. Analyses of sail aerodynamics and hull/appendage hydrodynamics are based on ongoing tank testing and wind tunnel testing. Results, when ready, are factored into the ORR VPP on an annual schedule. As more accurate science becomes available, inequities in ratings of diverse boat configurations will be reduced.

Experimental certificates permitting you to explore rig and sail change effects are allowed – contact us for more details at

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