Performance Products

Performance Package

Custom performance predictions for individual yachts. Now calculated with the highly accurate Offshore Racing Rule VPP; uses ORR or IMS measurement data; also available for unmodified sisterships of ORR rated production yachts. Includes tables of performance for wind speeds from 6 to 24 knots (now available as electronic files for onboard instrumentation), polar diagrams in both True and Apparent Wind format, Wally analysis, curve of static stability, upright hydrostatic calculations and instructions for use.

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VPP HandyGuide

An abbreviated version of the Performance Package. Laminated table of upwind and downwind targets. For each wind speed: optimum true wind angle, boat speed, apparent wind angle and speed.

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Race Optimization Package

Big or small genoa? Symmetric or asymmetric spinnaker? How much stability? To answer these questions you must balance together the changes in boat performance and the wind conditions of the race.

The Race Optimization Package uses the Offshore Racing Rule velocity prediction program to do just that. An owner can run “virtual” races with a fleet consisting of his current boat, experimental variations of it, as well as competitors boats. Racing the fleet through a variety of wind conditions enables the owner to find which boat fares best against the handicaps for any weather pattern.

The biggest variable in the equation, for any given race, is the weather data. In addition to the standard combinations of wind speed and direction, US SAILING has partnered with Commanders? Weather to provide race-specific forecasts. Months before the start of any race, predictions will be based on historical data. But as the start grows closer, Commanders? Weather can start constructing wind models based on current weather patterns.

The base price of the offshore Race Optimization Package is $300. Additional competitor boats and the Commander?s forecast can be purchased for an additional fee.

To order a Race Optimization Package, please contact Jim Teeters, US SAILING’s Associate Offshore Director, via e-mail at or via phone at 401-683-0800 x662.