ORR Revalidation

Status Update: 2016 ORR revalidations and certifications are moving to an online process developed by US Sailing in conjunction with our official technological sponsor SAP.   New certificates are being accepted; to apply please click here.  Revalidations of existing ORR Certificates are being issued for select classes of boats. US Sailing will have ORR certificates out well ahead of races and we appreciate your patience as the process is optimized.  Check back daily for updates!

For 2016 the ORR revalidation fees are:

LOA(feet)     Price/Foot
<39.99             $6.00
40-44.9            $6.25
45-50.9            $7.25
51-60.9            $8.00
61-70.9            $9.00
71-80.9            $9.50
81-89.9            $10.25
>90                  $11.00

Don’t forget about Experimental (What If) Certificates to optimize your boat for TransPac, Mackinac, Cabo, or Bermuda. They are for those racers that want to predetermine the rating change for bigger/smaller sails or different rigs. Email Offshore@ussailing.org for more details.

If you want polars tailored to your boat, order the Performance Pack on-line at http://store.ussailing.org/

Contact Us for More Information
If you have any questions, please contact us at the US SAILING Offshore Office at 401-683-0800.