ORR certificate revalidation form for 2015 is now available. (ORR is the new name for AMERICAP). This year we offer two types of revalidation:

  • Standard revalidation is where the fee is $5.75 per foot LOA for boats under 45 feet, and $6.75 per foot LOA for boats 45 feet and over.
  • The Gold Certificate, which includes:
    • Revalidation
    • Performance Pack (Polars) tailored to your boat ($275 value)
    • Review of your certificate (ID areas for rating improvement)
    • $400 tax deductible gift (goes to support of Offshore Office)

    GOLD Certificate fee: $1,000

To renew and obtain your ORR certificate for 2015, please answer the questions on the 2015 ORR Revalidation Form for Website and return the completed form with payment to US SAILING or fax to 401-683-0840. Changes to the yacht should be described in the appropriate sections. Indicate in the whether you want the Standard (price per foot LOA plus the costs of any certificate revisions) or Gold renewal at $1,000.

Revision Processing Fees

  • Hull re-measurement: $350
  • Freeboards and Righting Moment: $250
  • Freeboards only: $150
  • Rig or Sails or Prop: $150 (No charge if submitted with revalidation form)
  • Crew Weight: $100 (No charge if submitted with revalidation form)

Don’t forget about Experimental (What If) Certificates to optimize your boat for TransPac, Mackinac, Cabo, or Bermuda. They are for those racers that want to predetermine the rating change for bigger/smaller sails or different rigs. Email Offshore@ussailing.org for more details. The price per trial is $150

If you do not opt for the Gold certificate, but want polars tailored to your boat, order the Performance Pack on-line at http://store.ussailing.org/

2015 ORR Revalidation Form for Website
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If you have any questions, please contact us at the US SAILING Offshore Office at 401-683-0800.