ORR Revalidation

Attention 2016 ORR Applicants: Emails containing instructions with activation codes have been transmitted. Please contact US Sailing’s Offshore office at offshore@ussailing.org if you have not received an email from us. Thank you.

For 2016 the ORR revalidation fees are:

LOA(feet)     Price/Foot
<39.99             $6.00
40-44.9            $6.25
45-50.9            $7.25
51-60.9            $8.00
61-70.9            $9.00
71-80.9            $9.50
81-89.9            $10.25
>90                  $11.00

Don’t forget about Experimental (What If) Certificates to optimize your boat for TransPac, Mackinac, Cabo, or Bermuda. They are for those racers that want to predetermine the rating change for bigger/smaller sails or different rigs. Email Offshore@ussailing.org for more details.

If you want polars tailored to your boat, order the Performance Pack on-line at http://store.ussailing.org/

Contact Us for More Information
If you have any questions, please contact us at the US SAILING Offshore Office at 401-683-0800.

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