ORR New Rating

New ORR Certificate Application

US Sailing is implementing an online application procedure in order to streamline the ORR certification process. The benefits of this new approach include avoiding errors in transcription and reducing the amount of paper used. We expect the online application to be available in February of 2017.

In advance of applying for a 2017 ORR certificate please work with your sail maker to obtain sail measurement forms for the largest for each type of sail your boat races with.

If you are participating in a race that requires a fully measured ORR certificate please contact:

Eric Baittinger, 401.366.3113 (direct line)

For questions regarding applying for an ORR rating please email offshore@ussaiilng.org or call

Nathan Titcomb 401-366-3128

Christian Bragdon 401-683-2937

Eric Baittinger 401-366-3113


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