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A measurement handicap rating system with a limited access Velocity Prediction Program used in major North American races.

In the fall of 2004, three major US yacht clubs, the Chicago Yacht ClubCruising Club of America and Transpacific Yacht Club, joined forces in an alliance called the Offshore Racing Association (ORA). ORA was formed to promote and support the use of VPP-based handicapping and has undertaken the task of developing a new measurement-based rating rule that provides the fairest handicapping possible. Working in collaboration with US SAILING, ORA has undertake promotional and developmental tasks providing an increased level of manpower not previously directed toward the AMERICAP II™ rule while US SAILING has retained the function of certificate issuance. This new rule which is the next evolution of the AMERICAP II™ rule has been given the name Offshore Racing Rule (ORR) and started to be used in the 2006 racing season. The Offshore Racing Association (ORA) administers the ORR (

The ORR predicts relative time allowances between boats to permit boats of different sizes, types and ages to compete with the fairest ratings possible.