ORR (Offshore Rating Rule)

A measurement handicap rating system with a limited access Velocity Prediction Program used in major North American races.

In the fall of 2004, the Chicago Yacht ClubCruising Club of America and Transpacific Yacht Club, collaborated to form the Offshore Racing Association (ORA). The ORA is a member controlled organization which is responsible for ORR handicap development.  The ORR system is based on comprehensive physical measurement of the boat and is the best way to reliably, accurately and scientifically create handicaps.  ORR has been specifically developed in North America for use with the diverse fleet which exists. One of the ORR objectives is not to favor any single design characteristic as do other handicap systems. Changes within the rule are continually made to the handicaps formulas to update them to make sure that specific boat characteristics are not being favored.  Another is to make sure there is prompt customer service from not only the ORA but from all of the vendors that work for and with ORA.

The ORR is maintained as a “limited access VPP rating system” in an effort to reduce aggressive optimization by those who seek would seek a competitive advantage by “beating the rule”. ORR is best known for its use in ocean events such as the Newport Bermuda, Chicago Mackinac, Transpac, Bayview Mackinac, California Race Week and many others.

ORA offers regional championships for ORR rated boats located on the East Coast, Midwest, Northern and Southern California.  ORA has engaged with US Sailing to handle all required measurements and process all certificates for ORR rated boats.

Download the ORR Rule Book: ORR Rule Book 2016

Please visit http://www.offshoreracingrule.org/ to learn more.