IRC Fees

The End of Season 50% discount for New certificate applications and Revalidations takes effect on September 1. The discount does not apply to amendments, trials or re-registrations.


The table below lists the processing fees for applications and certificate copies processed to US Sailing. Measurer fees and boat yard costs associated with the actual measurement of a boat for an endorsed certificate are separate from these. Measurers and/or boat yards will invoice the owner separately for their costs.

All fees are based on a boat’s rated METRIC Hull Length (LH).

● Certificate Fees for 2016

Fee Note
New Certificate $26.62/m > 18m
$34.36/m ≥ 18m
New One-Design Certificate $26.62/m > 18m
$34.36/m ≥ 18m
Amendment $10.41/m > 18m $13.07/m ≥ 18m
Trial $12.58/m > 18m
$15.85/m ≥ 18m
– Boat must hold a valid current-year certificate.
– Maximum 6 trials per calendar year.
– Subject to limitations of IRC Trial Policy
Annual Revalidation $23.11/m > 18m
$29.65/m ≥ 18m
Re-registration (Transfer of Owner) $3.63/m > 18m
$4.84/m ≥ 18m
Transfer of a valid current-year certificate to new owner after purchase of boat.
New Short-handed Certificate $13.31/m > 18m
$16.94/m ≥ 18m
Only available to boats holding a valid current-year primary IRC certificate. See Rule 8.2.1.
Short-handed Annual Revalidation $11.50/m > 18m
$14.52/m ≥ 18m
Only available to boats holding a valid current-year primary IRC certificate. See Rule 8.2.1.


Normal processing at RORC takesabout 10 business days. Expedited processing is required for processing application in 5 business days. Expediting doubles the above non-discounted fees. Contact the IRC Manager regarding the Expediting fee for applications eligible for the Discounted fee. Specify that expedited processing is desired for this faster service when submitting applications to US Sailing.

● Certificate Copy Fees

Copies of certificates held by other boats may be purchased as detailed below.
There is a limit of 6 certificates for any one boat design or class type that can be purchased annually. Only the most recently issued certificate for a boat can be purchased.
Copies will be sent via e-mail only.

Fee Note
1 to 10 certificates purchased $20.00 each
11 to 20 certificates purchased $50.00 each
21 to 30 certificates purchased $100.00 each A maximum of 30 certificates may be purchased during a calendar year.

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