The IRC Rule

The IRC Rule is a secret measurement rule used internationally and jointly administered by RORC (Royal Ocean Racing Club) and UNCL (Union Nationale pour la Course au Large). US Sailing handles the processing and issuing of all certificates for U.S. boats. A measurement rule is one in which the rating is calculated based on measurements of the yacht’s hull, appendages, rig, sails and weight. The accuracy of the supplied data is critically tied to the rating that is issued. IRC is a system of measurement which classifies a broad range of cruising and racing ballasted monohull keel boats for competition by providing ratings comprising single figure allowances based on time. IRC encourages design innovation consistent with stability, rounded performance, seaworthiness and safety.

End of Season and US-IRC Organization Fee Discounts

IRC End of Season Discounts will take effect as of October 1. The discounts apply to new certificate applications and revalidated certificates issued after October 1.

The discounts offered by the US-IRC organization this year for new certificates and revalidations of certificates last valid in 2011 or earlier also apply.

The discounts are for non-expedited processing only. Contact the IRC Manager regarding fees if expedited processing is required.

The total discount applicable after October 1 will be either 50% or 75% off the standard fee as follows:

New certificates: End of Season Discount plus US-IRC Discount = 75% off.

Revalidated certificate 2013 or 2012: End of Season Discount = 50% off.

Revalidated certificate 2011 or earlier: End of Season Discount plus US-IRC Discount = 75% off.

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2014 Rule and Changes

2014 IRC Rule

2014 IRC Rule Changes

2014 IRC Changes and TCC Impact

IRC Notice 2013-03 Mast Foot & Forestay

US Sailing Prescription

US Sailing Prescription to IRC Rule 21 – Extra Spinnaker for Qualifying Races

IRC Manager: 401-366-3113